The 15th Precinct of the New York City Police Department is a fictional precinct based in Lower Manhattan. They work cases in conjunction with ADA's from the New York County (Manhattan) District Attorney's office.  in 2001 The New York ledger reported that police offices were being corruption as a result 9 police offices was laid off. it  (CI:"The Pardoner's Tale") At one point, they arrested Kathleen Stabler, daughter of Detective Elliot Stabler from the 16th Precinct, for a DUI. (SVU: "Blood") Det. Stabler managed to get the incident covered up, but an IAB officer with a grudge against the 16th's Captain Donald Cragen managed to dig it up again several years later. (SVU: "Venom")

At another point, when a record producer is killed in the 15th Precinct's jurisdiction, Major Case Detective Mike Logan tells Detective Megan Wheeler to kick the case back to the 15th, resulting in Captain Danny Ross yelling at Wheeler and taking the case back from the 15th. Wheeler tells Logan that the 15th Precinct is overwhelmed with investigations due to all the crimes related to the clubs in the area and that the Mayor is concerned that the 15th may hit the tipping point for an epidemic of crime. (CI: "Country Crossover")

Known personnel Edit

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