6 January
L&O:"Extended Family" airs.
13 January
L&O:"Right to Counsel" airs.


3 February
L&O:"Night and Fog" airs.
10 February
L&O:"Promises to Keep" airs.
24 February
L&O:"Mother Love" airs.
26 February
World Trade Center bombing kills 6 people (and an unborn baby) and injured over a thousand. Ramzi Yousef is convicted of the truck bombing


3 March
L&O:"Jurisdiction" airs.
10 March
L&O:"Conduct Unbecoming" airs.
Jeffrey Scaperrotta is born
17 March
L&O:"Animal Instinct" airs.


19 April
Waco Massacre, the ATF and the FBI massacre 76 Branch Davidians after unintentionally setting fire to their compound in Waco, Texas.
21 April
L&O:"Virus" airs.


5 May
L&O:"Securitate" airs.
12 May
L&O:"Manhood" airs.
19 May
L&O:"Benevolence" airs.


15 September
L&O:"Sweeps" airs.
29 September
L&O:"Volunteers" airs.


6 October
L&O:"Discord" airs.
13 October
L&O:"Profile" airs.
20 October
L&O:"Black Tie" airs.
27 October
L&O:"Pride and Joy" airs.


3 November
L&O:"Apocrypha" airs.
9 November
L&O:"American Dream" airs.
16 November
L&O:"Born Bad" airs.


1 December
L&O:"The Pursuit of Happiness" airs.

Other eventsEdit

1993 in the Law & Order UniverseEdit

Elizabeth is born to Elliot Stabler and Kathy Stabler
Richard is born Elliot Stabler and Kathy Stabler
Joseph Stabler dies
1992 Production timeline 1994

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