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5 January
L&O:"Loco Parentis" airs.
7 January
SVU:"Closure (1)" airs.
14 January
SVU:"Bad Blood" airs.
21 January
SVU:"Russian Love Poem" airs.
26 January
L&O:"Collision" airs.


4 February
SVU:"Disrobed" airs.
9 February
L&O:"Mother's Milk" airs.
11 February
SVU:"Limitations" airs.
16 February
L&O:"Panic" airs.
18 February
SVU:"Entitled" airs.
L&O:"Entitled" airs.
23 February
L&O:"Fools For Love" airs.
25 February
SVU:"The Third Guy" airs.


1 March
L&O:"Trade This" airs.
22 March
L&O:"Black, White and Blue" airs.
31 March
SVU:"Misleader" airs.


5 April
L&O:"Mega" airs.
14 April
SVU:"Chat Room" airs.
26 April
L&O:"Surrender Dorothy" airs.
28 April
SVU:"Contact" airs.


3 May
L&O:"Untitled" airs.
5 May
SVU:"Remorse" airs.
10 May
L&O:"Narcosis" airs.
12 May
SVU:"Nocturne" airs.
17 May
L&O:"High & Low" airs.
19 May
SVU:"Slaves" airs.
24 May
L&O:"Stiff" airs.
L&O:"Vaya Con Dios" airs.


18 October
L&O:"Endurance" airs.
20 October
SVU:"Wrong Is Right" airs.
25 October
L&O:"Turnstile Justice" airs.
27 October
SVU:"Honor" airs.


1 November
L&O:"Dissonance" airs.
3 November
SVU:"Closure (2)" airs.
8 November
L&O:"Standoff" airs.
10 November
SVU:"Legacy" airs.
15 November
L&O:"Return" airs.
17 November
SVU:"Baby Killer" airs.
22 November
L&O:"Burn Baby Burn" airs.
24 November
SVU:"Noncompliance" airs.
29 November
L&O:"Amends" airs.


1 December
SVU:"Asunder" airs.
15 December
SVU:"Taken" airs.
20 December
L&O:"Thin Ice" airs.

Law & Order UniverseEdit


10 December
Serena Benson dies after falling down the stairs in a subway station while intoxicated. (SVU: "Taken")
Undetermined Date
The three-year-old daughter of Nicole Wallace and Rohan Bartlett drowns in the waters off of Stradbroke Island, in Australia. The body is not found until a year later; evidence suggests fould play. (CI: "Great Barrier")
Detective Alexandra Eames first meets Robert Goren... and immediately puts in a request for a new partner. She ends up changing her mind before the change can take place. (CI: "In the Wee Small Hours")

Other eventsEdit

  • None

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