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4 January 
SVU:"Monogamy" airs.
6 January 
CI:"The Third Horseman" airs.
9 January 
L&O:"The Collar" airs.
11 January 
SVU:"Protection" airs.
13 January 
CI:"Crazy" airs.
16 January 
L&O:"Undercovered" airs.
18 January 
SVU:"Prodigy" airs.
25 January 
SVU:"Counterfeit" airs.
27 January 
CI:"The Insider" airs.
30 January 
L&O:"DR 1-102" airs.


1 February 
SVU:"Execution" airs.
6 February 
L&O:"Missing" airs.
27 February 
L&O:"Access Nation" airs.


1 March 
SVU:"Popular" airs.
3 March 
CI:"Homo Homini Lupis" airs.
6 March 
L&O:"Born Again" airs.
8 March 
SVU:"Surveillance" airs.
10 March 
CI:"Semi-Professional" airs.
17 March 
CI:"Phantom" airs.
27 March 
L&O:"Girl Most Likely" airs.
29 March 
SVU:"Guilt" airs.
31 March 
CI:"Seizure" airs.


3 April 
L&O:"Equal Rights" airs.
5 April 
SVU:"Justice" airs.
10 April 
L&O:"Slaughter" airs.
14 April 
CI:"Yesterday" airs.
21 April 
CI:"Maledictus" airs.
24 April 
L&O:"Dazzled" airs.
26 April 
SVU:"Greed" airs.
28 April 
CI:"Badge" airs.
CI:"Faith" airs.


1 May 
L&O:"Foul Play" airs.
3 May 
SVU:"Denial" airs.
8 May 
L&O:"Attorney Client" airs.
10 May 
CI:"Tuxedo Hill" airs.
SVU:"Competence" airs.
15 May 
L&O:"Oxymoron" airs.
17 May 
SVU:"Silence" airs.
22 May 
L&O:"Patriot" airs.


27 September 
SVU:"Chameleon" airs.
29 September 
CI:"Dead" airs.


2 October 
L&O:"American Jihad" airs.
4 October 
SVU:"Deception" airs.
6 October 
CI:"Bright Boy" airs.
9 October 
L&O:"Shangri-La" airs.
11 October 
SVU:"Vulnerable" airs.
13 October 
CI:"Anti-Thesis" airs.
16 October 
L&O:"True Crime" airs.
18 October 
SVU:"Lust" airs.
20 October 
CI:"Best Defense" airs.
25 October 
SVU:"Disappearing Acts" airs.
27 October 
CI:"Chinoiserie" airs.
30 October 
L&O:"Tragedy on Rye" airs.


1 November 
SVU:"Angels" airs.
3 November 
CI:"Malignant" airs.
6 November 
L&O:"The Ring" airs.
8 November 
SVU:"Dolls" airs.
10 November 
CI:"Tomorrow" airs.
13 November 
L&O:"Hitman" airs.
15 November 
SVU:"Waste" airs.
17 November 
CI:"The Pilgrim" airs.
20 November 
L&O:"Open Season" airs.
22 November 
SVU:"Juvenile" airs.
27 November 
L&O:"Asterisk" airs.


1 December 
CI:"Shandeh" airs.
6 December 
SVU:"Resilience" airs.
11 December 
L&O:"The Wheel" airs.

Other eventsEdit


5 March 
Alan Manson dies.


24 September 
"Law & Order: Dead on the Money" is published.

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