5 January 
CI: "Con-Text" airs.
8 January 
L&O: "Mother's Day" airs.
10 January 
SVU: "Damaged" airs.
12 January 
CI: "Baggage" airs.
15 January 
L&O: "Chosen" airs.
17 January 
SVU: "Risk" airs.
24 January 
SVU: "Rotten" airs.
31 January 
SVU: "Mercy" airs.


2 February 
CI: "Suite Sorrow" airs.
5 February 
L&O: "Under God" airs.
7 February 
SVU: "Pandora" airs.
9 February 
CI: "See Me" airs.
12 February 
L&O: "Absentia" airs.
14 February 
SVU: "Tortured" airs.
16 February 
CI: "Probability" airs.
19 February 
L&O: "Star Crossed" airs.
21 February 
SVU: "Privilege" airs.
26 February 
L&O:"Bitch" airs.


2 March 
CI: "Monster" airs.
9 March 
CI: "Cuba Libre" airs.
14 March 
SVU: "Desperate" airs.
26 March 
L&O: "Suicide Box" airs.
28 March 
SVU: "Appearances" airs.
30 March 
CI: "Cold Comfort" airs.


2 April 
L&O: "Genius" airs.
4 April 
SVU: "Dominance" airs.
6 April 
CI: "Legion" airs.
17 April 
L&O: "Maritime" airs.
18 April 
SVU: "Fallacy" airs.
23 April 
L&O: "Seer" airs.
25 April 
SVU: "Futility" airs.
27 April 
CI: "Cherry Red" airs.
30 April 
L&O: "Kid Pro Quo" airs.


2 May 
SVU: "Grief" airs.
4 May 
CI: "Blink" airs.
7 May 
L&O: "House Calls" airs.
9 May 
SVU: "Perfect" airs.
11 May 
CI: "Graansha" airs.
14 May 
L&O: "Sheltered" airs.
16 May 
SVU: "Soulless" airs.
18 May 
CI: "Zoonotic" airs.
CI: "A Person of Interest" airs.
21 May 
L&O: "Couples" airs.
L&O: "Smoke" airs.


23 September 
SVU: "Tragedy" airs.
24 September 
L&O: "Bodies" airs.
28 September 
CI: "Undaunted Mettle" airs.
30 September 
SVU: "Manic" airs.


1 October 
L&O: "Bounty" airs.
5 October 
CI: "Gemini" airs.
7 October 
SVU: "Mother" airs.
8 October 
L&O: "Patient Zero" airs.
12 October 
CI: "The Gift" airs.
14 October 
SVU: "Loss" airs.
19 October 
CI: "But Not Forgotten" airs.
21 October 
SVU: "Serendipity" airs.
22 October 
L&O: "Shrunk" airs.
26 October 
CI: "Pravda" airs.
28 October 
SVU: "Coerced" airs.
29 October 
L&O: "Blaze" airs.


2 November 
CI: "Stray" airs.
4 November 
SVU: "Choice" airs.
5 November 
L&O: "Identity" airs.
9 November 
CI: "A Murderer Among Us" airs.
11 November 
SVU: "Abomination" airs.
12 November 
L&O: "Floater" airs.
16 November 
CI: "Sound Bodies" airs.
18 November 
SVU: "Control" airs.
19 November 
L&O: "Embedded" airs.
23 November 
CI: "Happy Family" airs.
25 November 
SVU: "Shaken" airs.
26 November 
L&O: "Compassion" airs.


2 December 
SVU: "Escape" airs.
3 December 
L&O: "Ill-Conceived" airs.

Other eventsEdit


30 September 
"Law & Order: Double or Nothing" is published.


"Law & Order: Crime Scenes" is published.

2002 Production timeline 2004

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