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4 January 
CI: "F.P.S." airs.
6 January 
SVU: "Brotherhood" airs.
7 January 
L&O: "Darwinian" airs.
11 January 
CI: "Mad Hops" airs.
13 January 
SVU: "Hate" airs.
14 January 
L&O: "Payback" airs.
18 January 
CI: "Unrequited" airs.


3 February 
SVU: "Ritual" airs.
4 February 
L&O: "Married with Children" airs.
10 February 
SVU: "Families" airs.
11 February 
L&O: "City Hall" airs.
15 February 
CI: "Pas de Deux" airs.
17 February 
SVU: "Home" airs.
18 February 
L&O: "Veteran's Day" airs.
22 February 
CI: "Mis-Labeled" airs.
24 February 
SVU: "Mean" airs.
25 February 
L&O: "Can I Get a Witness?" airs.


2 March 
SVU: "Careless" airs.
3 March 
L&O: "Hands Free" airs.
7 March 
CI: "Shrink-Wrapped" airs.
14 March 
CI: "The Saint" airs.
24 March 
L&O: "Evil Breeds" airs.
28 March 
CI: "Conscience" airs.
30 March 
SVU: "Sick" airs.
31 March 
L&O: "Nowhere Man" airs.


6 April 
SVU: "Lowdown" airs.
14 April 
L&O: "Everybody Loves Raimondo's" airs.
18 April 
CI: "Ill-Bred" airs.
20 April 
SVU: "Criminal" airs.
21 April 
L&O: "Vendetta" airs.
27 April 
SVU: "Painless" airs.
28 April 
L&O: "Gaijin" airs.


4 May 
SVU: "Bound" airs.
9 May 
CI: "Fico Di Capo" airs.
11 May 
SVU: "Poison" airs.
12 May 
L&O: "Caviar Emptor" airs.
16 May 
CI: "D.A.W." airs.
18 May 
SVU: "Head" airs.
19 May 
L&O: "C.O.D." airs.
23 May 
CI: "Consumed" airs.


21 September 
SVU: "Birthright" airs.
22 September 
L&O: "Paradigm" airs.
L&O: "The Dead Wives Club" airs.
26 September 
CI: "Semi-Detached" airs.
28 September 
SVU: "Debt" airs.
29 September 
L&O: "The Brotherhood" airs.


3 October 
CI: "The Posthumous Collection" airs.
6 October 
L&O: "Coming Down Hard" airs.
10 October 
CI: "Want" airs.
12 October 
SVU: "Obscene" airs.
17 October 
CI: "Great Barrier" airs.
19 October 
SVU: "Scavenger" airs.
20 October 
L&O: "Gunplay" airs.
24 October 
CI: "Eosphoros" airs.
26 October 
SVU: "Outcry" airs.
27 October 
L&O: "Cut" airs.
31 October 
CI: "In the Dark" airs.


7 November 
CI: "Magnificat" airs.
9 November 
SVU: "Conscience" airs.
10 November 
L&O: "Gov Love" airs.
14 November 
CI: "Silver Lining" airs.
16 November 
SVU: "Charisma" airs.
17 November 
L&O: "Cry Wolf" airs.
21 November 
CI: "Inert Dwarf" airs.
23 November 
SVU: "Doubt" airs.
24 November 
L&O: "All in the Family" airs.
30 November 
SVU: "Weak" airs.


1 December 
L&O: "Enemy" airs.
7 December 
SVU: "Haunted" airs.
8 December 
L&O: "Fixed" airs.

Other eventsEdit


4 February 
Michael P. Moran dies.


4 June 
Charles Correll dies.
29 June 
"Law & Order: Dead Line" is published.


29 September 
Shimon Wincelberg dies.


5 October 
"Law & Order: Justice is Served" is published.


28 December 
Jerry Orbach dies.

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