2 January 
CI:"View From Up Here" airs.
5 January 
L&O:"Mammon" airs.
9 January 
CI:"Gone" airs.
11 January 
SVU:"Contagious" airs.
12 January 
L&O:"Ain't No Love" airs.
18 January 
SVU:"Identity" airs.
19 January 
L&O:"Fluency" airs.
25 January 
SVU:"Quarry" airs.
30 January 
CI:"Collective" airs.


8 February 
SVU:"Game" airs.
9 February 
L&O:"Obsession" airs.
13 February 
CI:"Stress Position" airs.
15 February 
SVU:"Hooked" airs.
16 February 
L&O:"The Sixth Man" airs.
20 February 
CI:"Sex Club" airs.
22 February 
SVU:"Ghost" airs.
23 February 
L&O:"License to Kill" airs.


1 March 
SVU:"Rage" airs.
2 March 
L&O:"Dining Out" airs.
3 March 
TBJ:"The Abominable Showman" airs.
4 March 
TBJ:"41 Shots" airs.
8 March 
SVU:"Pure" airs.
11 March 
TBJ:"Vigilante" airs.
13 March 
CI:"Death Roe" airs.
18 March 
TBJ:"Truth or Consequences" airs.
20 March 
CI:"Ex Stasis" airs.
25 March 
TBJ:"Baby Boom" airs.
27 March 
CI:"Shibboleth" airs.
29 March 
L&O:"Sects" airs.
SVU:"Intoxicated" airs.


1 April 
TBJ:"Pattern of Conduct" airs.
3 April 
CI:"The Good Child" airs.
8 April 
TBJ:"Bang & Blame" airs.
10 April 
CI:"Beast" airs.
13 April 
L&O:"Tombstone" airs.
15 April 
TBJ:"Skeleton" airs.
20 April 
L&O:"Publish and Perish" airs.
22 April 
TBJ:"The Line" airs.
29 April 
TBJ:"Blue Wall" airs.


1 May 
CI:"No Exit" airs.
3 May 
SVU:"Night" airs.
TBJ:"Day" airs.
4 May 
L&O:"Sport of Kings" airs.
6 May 
TBJ:"Boys Will Be Boys" airs.
8 May 
CI:"The Unblinking Eye" airs.
10 May 
SVU:"Blood" airs.
11 May 
L&O:"In God We Trust" airs.
15 May 
CI:"My Good Name" airs.
17 May 
SVU:"Parts" airs.
18 May 
L&O:"Locomotion" airs.
24 May 
SVU:"Goliath" airs.
25 May 
CI:"False-Hearted Judges" airs.


20 September 
SVU:"Demons" airs.
21 September 
L&O:"Red Ball" airs.
25 September 
CI:"Grow" airs.
27 September 
SVU:"Design" airs.
28 September 
L&O:"Flaw" airs.


2 October 
CI:"Diamond Dogs" airs.
4 October 
SVU:"911" airs.
5 October 
L&O:"Ghosts" airs.
9 October 
CI:"Prisoner" airs.
11 October 
SVU:"Ripped" airs.
12 October 
L&O:"Age of Innocence" airs.
16 October 
CI:"Unchained" airs.
18 October 
SVU:"Strain" airs.
19 October 
L&O:"Life Line" airs.
23 October 
CI:"Acts of Contrition" airs.


1 November 
SVU:"Raw" airs.
2 November 
L&O:"Birthright" airs.
6 November 
CI:"In the Wee Small Hours (1)" airs.
CI:"In the Wee Small Hours (2)" airs.
8 November 
SVU:"Name" airs.
9 November 
L&O:"House of Cards" airs.
15 November 
SVU:"Starved" airs.
16 November 
L&O:"New York Minute" airs.
22 November 
SVU:"Rockabye" airs.
23 November 
L&O:"Criminal Law" airs.
27 November 
CI:"Saving Face" airs.
29 November 
SVU:"Storm" airs.
30 November 
L&O:"Acid" airs.


4 December 
CI:"Scared Crazy" airs.
6 December 
SVU:"Alien" airs.
7 December 
L&O:"Bible Story" airs.

Other eventsEdit


7 February 
John Patterson dies.


16 May 
Vince Viverito dies.


15 November 
"Criminal Intent" is published.


16 December 
John Spencer dies.

2004 Production timeline 2006

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