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3 January
SVU: "Infected" airs.
8 January
CI: "Dollhouse" airs.
10 January
SVU: "Blast" airs.
11 January
L&O: "Family Friend" airs.
15 January
CI: "Slither" airs.
17 January
SVU: "Taboo" airs.
18 January
L&O: "Heart of Darkness" airs.
22 January
CI: "Watch" airs.
26 January
TBJ: "Eros in the Upper Eighties" airs.


7 February
SVU: "Manipulated" airs.
8 February
L&O: "Magnet" airs.
28 February
SVU: "Gone" airs.


1 March
L&O: "Choice of Evils" airs.
8 March
L&O: "Cost of Capital" airs.
12 March
CI: "Proud Flesh" airs.
19 March
CI: "Wasichu" airs.
21 March
SVU: "Class" airs.
22 March
L&O: "America, Inc." airs.
26 March
CI: "Wrongful Life" airs.
28 March
SVU: "Venom" airs.
29 March
L&O: "Thinking Makes It So" airs.


4 April
SVU: "Fault" airs.
5 April
L&O: "Positive" airs.
9 April
CI: "Drama Giocoso" airs.
16 April
CI: "Vacancy" airs.
23 April
CI: "The Healer" airs.
30 April
CI: "Cruise to Nowhere" airs.


2 May
SVU: "Fat" airs.
3 May
L&O: "Kingmaker" airs.
7 May
CI: "To the Bone" airs.
CI: "On Fire" airs.
9 May
SVU: "Web" airs.
10 May
L&O: "Hindsight" airs.
14 May
CI: "The Good" airs.
16 May
SVU: "Influence" airs.
17 May
L&O: "Invaders" airs.


19 September
CI: "Blind Spot" airs.
SVU: "Informed" airs.
22 September
L&O: "Fame" airs.
26 September
CI: "Tru Love" airs.
SVU: "Clock" airs.
29 September
L&O: "Avatar" airs.


3 October
CI: "Siren Call" airs.
SVU: "Recall" airs.
6 October
L&O: "Home Sweet" airs.
10 October
CI: "Maltese Cross" airs.
SVU: "Uncle" airs.
13 October
L&O: "Fear America" airs.
17 October
CI: "Bedfellows" airs.
SVU: "Confrontation" airs.
20 October
L&O: "Public Service Homicide" airs.
27 October
L&O: "Profiteer" airs.
31 October
CI: "Masquerade" airs.
SVU: "Infiltrated" airs.


3 November
L&O: "In Vino Veritas" airs.
7 November
CI: "Country Crossover" airs.
10 November
L&O: "Release" airs.
14 November
CI: "The War at Home" airs.
SVU: "Underbelly" airs.
17 November
L&O: "Deadlock" airs.
21 November
CI: "Blasters" airs.
SVU: "Cage" airs.
28 November
CI: "Weeping Willow" airs.
SVU: "Choreographed" airs.


8 December
L&O: "Corner Office" airs.

Law & Order UniverseEdit

ADA Alexandra Borgia is kidnapped and murdered on April 26.
Zara Amaro is born to Nick Amaro and Maria Amaro

Other eventsEdit


18 February
Richard Bright dies.


1 July
Benjamin Hendrickson dies.


14 September
Mickey Hargitay dies.


7 November
True Stories of Law & Order is published.

2005 Production timeline 2007

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