The NYPD 22nd Precinct is a precinct in the series Law & Order: SVU. The precinct houses, Police Officer Pete Breslin, who used to be Elliot Stabler's beat cop partner and Lieutenant Phil Urzi, who used to be Olivia Benson's commanding officer. It is unknown whether or not Elliot had previously worked at the 22nd Precinct, or whether Pete worked at the 16th Precinct. Breslin mentioned at one point being on Staten Island, losing a partner there, but it is unlikely though that this is the 2-2 is here, as the show follows the continuity of where fictional precincts are likely to be located in New York City.

The Precint came under scrutiny when one of it's officers, Al Marcosi, was suspected for murder and serial rape. He was later cleared and even helped catch the real culprit who turned out to be a police impersonator.

Known PersonnelEdit

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