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"Age of Innocence"
L&O, Episode 16.04
Production number: 16005
First aired: 12 October 2005
  th of 456 produced in L&O  
th of 456 released in L&O
  th of 1106 released in all  
Written By
Davey Holmes

Directed By
David Platt

Plot Edit

The murder of a man shortly before he was due to take his wife off life support sparks controversy when both suspects have iron-clad alibis.

Cast Edit

Main cast Edit

Guest cast Edit

References Edit

12th Precinct, Save Our Homeland, Tulsa

Quotes Edit

Jack McCoy: That is in the hands of a higher power, Reverend. The Criminal Justice System.

Harlan Dwyer: There was no personal interest in this for me.
Alexandra Borgia: Your press conferences say different.

Harlan Dwyer: You arrested me because of what I stand for, not because of what you think I did.
Joe Fontana: We arrested you because you're a bomb-throwing phony.

Ed Green: The whole country's been looking for him for two years. He's always one step ahead.

Background information and notes Edit

The title of this episode refers to a 1920 novel of the same name by Edith Wharton, which won the 1921 Pulitzer Prize, and a 1993 film directed by Martin Scorsese based on Wharton's novel.

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"Age of Innocence"
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Season 16
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