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"Agent Provocateur"
SVU, Episode 16.11
Production number: 16011
First aired: 14 January 2015
  th of 366 produced in SVU  
th of 366 released in SVU
  th of 1106 released in all  
Written By
Samantha Corbin-Miller

Directed By
Alex Chapple

A teenager is left for dead in an alley after meeting her celebrity crush.


Fifteen year-old Madison Baker sneaks out of her uncle's home to meet breakout movie star Scott Russo, who invited her to a party via social media. Later that night, a patrolman finds her in an alley, sexually assaulted and barely alive. Sgt. Benson suspects Russo and his manager, Lydia Lebasi, are covering up the crime when security footage from the party goes missing. When gossip site mogul Lenny Simmons airs the stolen footage, he refuses to give up the source material and ADA Barba takes him to court to find the truth.


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Episode scene cards Edit

1 2 3 4

Apartment of
Matt Baker
66 North Moore Street
Monday, January 5

Howell Hotel
Scott Russo Suite
78 Hudson Street
Monday, January 5

Abstract Space Gallery
63 Water Street
Dumbo, Brooklyn
Wednesday, January 7

Offices of
629 West 50th Street
Thursday, January 8

5 6 7

Manhattan Detention
125 White Street
Saturday, January 10

Howell Hotel
Skye Adderson Suite
78 Hudson Street
Tuesday, January 13

Motions Court
Part 12
Wednesday, January 14

Previous episode:
"Forgiving Rollins"
"Agent Provocateur"
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Season 16
Next episode:
"Padre Sandungeuro"
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