"Ain't No Love"
L&O, Episode 15.13
Production number: E5315
First aired: 12 January 2005
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Southerlyn Aint no Love
Written By
Richard Sweren & Lois Johnson

Directed By
Paris Barclay


When a rap producer is found shot to death in his studio, detectives focus on his protege, whose demos link him and a friend to a second murder. As the investigation unfolds, Southerlyn's opinions put her sharply at odds with both McCoy and Branch.


Main cast

Guest cast


  • This episode appears to be ripped from the headlines of the shooting of Jason William Mizell. Jason, who was well-known to the music community as Jam Master Jay, groundbreaking DJ for the seminal hip hop group RUN-DMC, was shot inside a New York music studio on October 30, 2002.


Ed Green: Most of his music was just about laying back and partying.
Anita van Buren: Well, that party's over.

Arthur Branch: You know, Serena, if you were right, you were right for the wrong reasons.
Serena Southerlyn: Meaning?
Arthur Branch: Emotions, not facts. What was it you said, everyone you talked to said he couldn't have killed that man?
Serena Southerlyn: My emotional responses make me...
Arthur Branch: advocate. You're a superb attorney; you ought to be involved in cases that feed your passion.
Serena Southerlyn: That would be wonderful.
Arthur Branch: Serena, you must know, that will not happen in this office. It can't. Now, a prosecutor can be zealous, but not passionate. Advocacy is warm-blooded, enforcement's got to be cold-blooded, and blind, and even angry.
Serena Southerlyn: Does Jack feel as strongly about this as you do?
Arthur Branch: No, but it's my office and my decision, and he accepts it.
Serena Southerlyn: Decision? You've already made a decision?
Arthur Branch: I have. You're fired.
Serena Southerlyn: (stunned) Is this because I'm a lesbian?
Arthur Branch: No, of course not. No.
Serena Southerlyn: Good. (long pause) Good.

Background information and notes

  • Elizabeth Rohm's final contract appearance as A.D.A. Serena Southerlyn.
  • Elizabeth Rohm's mid-season departure is only the second in the history of the series. The first was the departure of Paul Sorvino 12 years before.

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