Alan Ridenour
Alan Ridenour
Name Alan Ridenour
Affiliation New York Supreme Court
Division Criminal Term
Occupation Judge
Status Alive
Actor Harvey Atkin
First Appearance SVU: "Limitations"
Last Appearance SVU: "Delinquent"

Alan Ridenour is a Judge in New York City.

He is a known participant of Judge Joseph P. Terhune's weekly poker games. (SVU: "Bound")

It is revealed by Judge Joshua Koehler that Ridenour is having emergency gallbladder surgery. (SVU: "Liberties")

Cases tried

  • Denied ADA Kathleen Eastman's application for an arrest warrant on an unidentified suspect based on DNA evidence.
  • Denied ADA Erica Alden's application for a warrant to search his house.
  • Ruled that Amir's pre-arrest confession to killing his sister was an excited utterance, and therefore admissible.
  • Allowed Amir to plead insanity on the condition that he undergo a psychiatric evaluation.
  • Prevented attempts by Amir's lawyer to block Jews and women from serving as potential jurors.
  • Denied ADA Ron Carver's application for a warrant on her home based on insufficient evidence.
  • Issues a writ of habeas corpus for release of undocumented prisoners.


  • Arraigned Fuller on $1,000,000 bail and confiscated his passport until after the trial.
  • Revokes bail and remands Fuller after he leaves the state to go to Virginia to marry his stepmother, Gloria Stanfield.
  • Releases all three defendants on their own recognizance and grants ADA Novak's request to seize all their passports on the endangering the welfare of a child charge
  • Dismisses the rape and murder charges.
  • Arraigns Hunter on $5,000 and grants on order of protection for Annie Meyers, the attempted victim.


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