Albert Lawrence Cheney
Albert Lawrence Cheney
Name Albert Lawrence Cheney
Occupation Bookkeeper
Pathology Serial Killer
Status Imprisoned for life
Actor James Rebhorn
First Appearance Vengeance

Albert Lawrence Cheney was a serial killer who murdered four women in New York. After serving five years for his first murder, he went on to murder another three before being caught, convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

History Edit

Cheney was an electrician when he committed his first murder. He was able to talk himself into the victim's apartment, and then stripped her, bound and gagged her with duct tape and strangled her. He was caught, but with their case in serious jeopardy, the prosecutors agreed to plead him out to manslaughter, with a five-year sentence in prison.

After serving his sentence, Cheney was released, got a job as a bookkeeper, and married a woman named Sarah, with whom he had corresponded through a prison pen pal program. Eventually, however, he began killing again. He entered his victims' apartments posing as an electrician, aided by the badge he didn't turn in upon being dismissed, and then stripped, bound, and strangled them.

Detectives Mike Logan and Phil Cerreta link him to three murders and pull him in for a grueling interrogation. Upon searching his apartment, they discover the electrician's badge and the duct tape, and, searching his storage room, find gruesome photos of the victims. He is arrested and arraigned without bail.

His lawyer, Carl Berg, is able to get the photos suppressed, and two of the three murder charges dropped. During the trial, the attorney of the parents of Judy Bream, Cheney's latest victim, serves the prosecution with a motion to extradite Cheney to Connecticut, by claiming that Cheney, who lured Judy away from Hartford, falls under their jurisdiction. Ben Stone successfully defeats this motion.

However, Sara sticks to the alibi she provides her husband. Stone is able to persuade her to testify, however, by showing her photos of her husband's victims. Cheney is convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Trivia Edit

  • Cheney is most likely based Albert DeSalvo, who confessed to being the Boston Strangler that had terrorized Boston in the 1960s. DeSalvo's M.O. was to talk this way into victims' apartments by pretending to be a maintenance man.

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