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Alexander J. Merritt
Name Alexander J Merritt
Affiliation Office of Dr. Alexander J. Merritt, OBGYN
Occupation Gynecologist
Pathology Serial rapist
Proxy murderer

Sexual Sadist

Status Imprisoned
Actor Paul Hecht
First Appearance Helpless

Dr. Alex J. Merritt is a gynecologist who sexually abuses his patients. He molests Elizabeth Olivet during an examination, and she goes to the 27th Precinct to complain. Mike Logan and Phil Cerreta start investigating Merritt and learn that he is a sexual sadist with a long history of abusing women, including his second wife, whom he drove to suicide. While they find several women whom he victimized, none are willing to press charges.

Olivet takes matters into her own hands and goes to his office with a tape recorder, hoping to get him to say or do something incriminating; the meeting quickly gets out of her control when he gives her a local anesthetic and rapes her while she is unable to move. Benjamin Stone and Paul Robinette try Merritt for rape. During the trial, Merritt claims that he had consensual sex with Olivet, and his lawyer Danielle Melnick reveals that one of Olivet's patients had claimed that Merritt molested her, leading Olivet to go to Merritt's office to investigate.

Merritt is convicted of one count of rape, but the judge sets aside the verdict, citing police misconduct and lack of evidence. Stone charges his nurse as an accomplice and make a deal with her to testify against Merritt and put him in prison for life. (L&O: "Helpless")

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