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Alex Peters
Name Alex Peters
Affiliation Whit-More High School
Oenoke Yacht Club
Occupation Student
Pathology Proxy rapist
Status Imprisoned
Actor Parker Pogue
First Appearance "Traumatic Wound"

Alex Peters is a popular student who had his friends set up his ex girlfriend Gabby Shaw to be gang raped for braking up with him.

History Edit

Alex, Britt Yardley and Jake Swenders were friends for a long time and while he was Shaw's boyfriend she was also a member of the group. But when Peters started to get jealous and possessive of her, Shaw broke up with him, when she broke up with him Peters told her that she was making the biggest mistake of her life and that nobody brakes up with him and after the brake up he gets his friends to ostracize her. Peters later forms a plan to get revenge on Shaw for dumping him by having his friends set her up to be raped. Peters tells them to start being nice to Shaw again and eventually invite her to a concert. He also has Yardley pick a yellow dress dress for Shaw that she cannot wear a bra under. Then he gets a fellow student, Ralph Priatti, to rip her top down at the concert so that she would be topless in front of a crowd of aggressive and drunk men and they get Ralph's older brother Louis Priatti to videotape the incident.

On the night of the show his plan is put into motion and works, resulting in at lest six men in the drunk and aggressive crowd to assault Gabby while she was topless, all of which was recorded by Louis Priatti. When Peters and the others get the video from Louis Priatti they post it on the website of their boarding school so that other students can see Shaw's gang rape. After it is discovered from Ralph Priatti that Peters orchestrated everything Nick Amaro and Amanda Rollins question him and he denies it all. They ask him to look at his text messages which he allows but when they tell him their technicians can retrieve deleted text's he admits that he did give Priatti $500 but claims that is had nothing to do with Shaw's gang rape, he also claimed that he was not affected by Shaw breaking up with him. When Peters and his friends Swenders and Yardley are brought to court for negligent rape, Frank Patterson serves as a key witness for Barba but their attorney try to use his fragmented memory to discredit him, which causes him to remember someone took a video of the gang rape. When the detectives find Ralph's older brother Louis they question him and he eventually tells them about how Peters and his friends posted the video on the internet. With the video as evidence against them Peters, Yardley and Swenders decide to plead guilty to conspiracy to commit the aggravated sexual assault of Gabby. (SVU: "Traumatic Wound")

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