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Alexander Gammon

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Alexander Gammon
Name Alexander Gammon
Occupation Businessman
Pathology Serial rapist
Status Imprisoned
Actor Jason Wiles
First Appearance "Branded"

Alexander Gammon was a serial rapist.


Gammon, along with Bill Dixon and Victor Ramos, had ganged-raped Camille Walters, a girl who was attending the summer camp they worked at. When Camille attacked Dixon and Ramos, he was almost attacked because Camille wanted revenge for ruining her life. He denied that he raped her and made it seem like she was psychotic. However, Camille's daughter Hannah was brought in to testify; she told the court that Camille was her biological mother and Ramos was her father. Ramos confessed that he, Dixon, and Gammon had raped Camille, then stated that Gammon had raped other women and was paying them off for their silence. Stabler confronted him and told him the other women were reimbursing and pressing charges, and that the statute of limitations yet to run out on them unlike Camille. (SVU: "Branded")

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