Ally Walker
Gretchen Steel
As Gretchen Stee
Gretchen Steel, Fran Stanton
Date of birth
25 August 1961
Place of birth
Tullahoma, Tennessee, USA
Fran Stanton
As Fran Stanton
IMDb profile

Allene 'Ally' Walker is an actress who played the role of Gretchen Steel in the Law & Order episode "Driven", and Dr. Fran Stanton in the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episode "Conned".

Walker is best known for her portrayal Dr. Samantha Waters in Profiler. She starred during the first three seasons of the series. She also starred in the television series Moon Over Miami as Gwen Cross. Walker has made several appearances in other series, including: Santa Barbara, Kazaam, The Pretender (as Dr. Waters), and Tell Me You Love Me.

Walker also appeared in several movies including: Singles, Happy Texas, Universal Soldier, The Blair Witch Project and While You Were Sleeping

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