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Alvin Dutch

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Alvin Dutch
Name Alvin Dutch
Title Clark Corman
Occupation Ex-con
Pathology Convicted rapist
Registered sex offender
Child molester
Status Deceased
Actor Russell Hornsby
First Appearance "Storm"

Alvin Dutch, alias Clark Corman, was a suspect in the kidnapping of Tasha, Nicki, and Lola Wright.


Prior to his arrest, Alvin served ten years in the Louisiana State Penitentiary for rape. After serving his sentence, he abducted the Wright sisters after their mother drowned in a flood during Hurricane Katrina. He took the sisters to New York City, and due to the flood, parole could no longer track him down.

Six months later, as he was awaiting charges for the kidnapping in New York, he was also a suspect in raping the girls, but was only found to have molested Nicki. While awaiting his attorney in his holding cell, Alvin succumbed to anthrax poisoning and died. (SVU: "Storm")

Known VictimsEdit

  • 1995: An unspecified rape
  • 2005: The Wright sisters (kidnapped; all were rescued in New York City, New York):

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