Amanda Anderlee
Name Amanda Anderlee
Affiliation New York Supreme Court
Division Criminal Term
Occupation Judge
Status Alive
Actor Candice Bergen
First Appearance L&O: "The Brotherhood"
Last Appearance TBJ: "Baby Boom"

Amanda Anderlee is a Judge in New York City.

Cases tried

  • Allows Worley's attorney, Rodney Fallon, to assert a justification defense for killing a member of a prison gang called The Brotherhood.
  • Adjourns the court for the day after she received a letter threatening her life if she doesn't make sure Worley is convicted of murder.
  • Denies defense's motion to recuse herself and to call her as a witness and to use the letter as evidence.
  • Allows defense to call the leader of the Brotherhood, Kyle Marsden, to the stand.
  • Holds Marsden in contempt when he refuses to answer whether he ordered a hit on Worley's life and threatened Anderlee.
  • Orders Kibre to turn over a copy of Dede Blaylock, his murder victim's filofax planner.
  • Denies defense's motion for a mistrial after Penny Sterba tells the jury she left him because she tells the jury he compared a scene in a play to strangling a dog, but instructs the jury to disregard the statement.