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L&O, Episode 11.07
Production number: E1302
First aired: 29 November 2000
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Van Buren Amends
Written By
William N. Fordes

Directed By
Matthew Penn


The detectives investigate a 1981 murder in which a suspect was a powerful ambassador's son.

Cast Edit

Main cast Edit

Guest cast Edit

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Quotes Edit

Charlie Curran: Could've got back on the squad if I wanted, but the truth is, I'd rather be in uniform. Too much politics in being a detective. I don't know how you guys do it.
Lennie Briscoe: Oh, we're different. We're in it for the money.

"D.M.V. can't even spell my name right and they got a twenty year old ticket in the system?"
Lennie Briscoe
Peter Sarno: I want what any parent in my position would. An end to the persecution of my boy.
Jack McCoy: It's prosecution, not persecution, and we're doing this because we think your son is guilty.

Tommy Brannigan: I let him go. He killed a girl, and I let him go.
Lennie Briscoe: So now he's caught now.
Tommy Brannigan: You forgive me, Lennie?
Lennie Briscoe: All day long, Tommy. All day long.

Background information and notes Edit

  • This episode appears to be ripped from the headlines of the Martha Moxley and Michael Skakel case.

Episode scene cardsEdit

1 2 3

Parkside Car Service
296 E. Houston Street
Friday, October 1

Apartment Of
Mrs. Alice Mosely
283 West 87th Street
Friday, October 1

Apartment Of
Mr. Alex Citren
185 East 79th Street
Monday, October 4

4 5 6

Office Of
Dean Isaac Wadleigh
Moorwood College
Monday, October 4

Supreme Court
Motion Hearing
Tuesday, November 16

Supreme Court
Trial Part 46
Monday, November 29


Lakeridge Nursing Home
Jericho, Long Island
Tuesday, November 30

Previous episode:
"Burn Baby Burn"
Law & Order
Season 11
Next episode:
"Thin Ice"
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