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Andrew Keener
Name Andrew Keener
Occupation Businessman
Pathology Pedophile
Double rapist
Double child abuser
Family Sophia Keener (daughter)
Katie White (granddaughter)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Keir Dullea
First Appearance "Cost of Capital"

Andrew Keener was a millionaire who was secretly a pedophile and double rapist/child abuser.


Andrew's daughter Sophia was accused of murdering one of her employees in his company. Andrew was later found out to have had raped Sophia when she was twelve; he bought her silence with expensive presents and, when she was an adult, a major position within his company. Years later, he raped his granddaughter, Katie White, who was also twelve at the time. Jack McCoy exposes Andrew's crimes while cross-examining him and rebuffed his efforts to make a deal, putting him in prison for two counts of rape. (L&O: "Cost of Capital")

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