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Anna Llewellyn
Name Anna Llewellyn
Occupation Magazine Writer
Actor Lori Michele Harris
First Appearance Maledictus

Anna Llewellyn (née Ursula Stovitch) is the publisher of a lifestyle magazine. A close friend to slain Russian mob "princess" Ilana Yushka during their days at Chase Academy, Llewellyn was briefly suspect of involvement in Yushka's murder when it came out that Yushka had been arrested back in 1974 after being found in a stolen car kissing and fondling another girl. Llewellyn admitted to having a girlhood crush on Yushka, but denied she was the other girl; the other "girl" was later determined to be Yushka's roommate Kenneth Strick, in drag. (CI: "Maledictus")

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