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Annabelle Paoletti
Annabelle Paoletti
Name Annabelle Paoletti
Status Alive
Actor Sophia Baricella
First Appearance "Raw"

Annabelle Paoletti was a young girl at P.S. 74 who, along with Danny Koehler, was shot and injured by skinhead Brannon Lee Redding. A third victim, Danny Jeffrey Whitlock, was also shot, and he died from his wound. Redding shot her because he thought she was Jewish. In reality, she was Catholic, but like many people of Italian descent, she had dark hair and dark eyes. Another white supremacist, Star Morrison (who was actually an undercover FBI Agent named Dana Lewis), opined that Brannon may have shot Annabelle by accident because she was "too pretty to be Jewish". (SVU: "Raw")

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