Anne Morella
Anne Morella
Name Anne Morella
Title Physician
Affiliation Mercy General Hospital
Saint Mark's Hospital
Occupation Doctor
Status Alive
Actor Julie White
First Appearance "Shaken"
Last Appearance "Snitch"
Dr. Anne Morella is a physician who worked at Saint Mark's Hospital and Mercy General Hospital.


Saint Mark's Hospital

  • Morella examined Lucy Prichard after she collapses in Riverside Park. Morella informed Detective Elliot Stabler that her injuries are consistent with shaken baby syndrome. She later testified under oath that Lucy should be taken off life support as a result of all the problems incurred by shaking the baby. (SVU: "Shaken")
  • Morella operated on Meredith Rice after she has a seizure related to a brain tumor she devloped. Morella informed A.D.A. Casey Novak of her condition and that the brain tumor is the main reason why Rice had sex with a 15-year old boy named Shane Madden. She later runs a PET scan on Rice to determine whether she is still a pedophile, which confirms she isn't. (SVU: "Head")

Mercy General Hospital

  • Morella examined Corinne Nicholson after she was assaulted in her home. Morella informed Corinne's husband, Ben, about his wife's pregnancy. Corinne was three months into her pregnancy, but the child wasn't going to survive. Dr. Morella sedated an agitated Corinne, and determined that her patient would have permanent memory loss. (SVU: "Savant")