Anton Nadari
Name Anton Nadari
Affiliation Nadari Galleries
Occupation International art dealer
Pathology Crime lord
Cop killer
Proxy rapist
Proxy robber
Family Unborn child (with Sondra Vaughn)
Status Imprisoned for life
Actor Lothaire Bluteau
First Appearance "Gambler's Fallacy"

Anton Nadari is an international art dealer who doubled as the head of a criminal enterprise.


Anton became an international art dealer and owned art galleries in Geneva, Montreal, Monte Carlo, Shanghai, and New York. He eventually started using his connections to start a money laundering operation that involved forging paintings and running illegal gambling establishments. He eventually set his base of operations in New York. He also eventually met a woman named Sondra Vaughn, who became his lover and second-in-command after she became pregnant with his child; he put her in charge of the casino in New York. He had one his drivers, Carlos Riva, work under Sondra and eventually bribed a police officer at the 12th Precinct to look the other way. Sondra later hired Declan O'Rourke to help her manage the club without telling him who the real boss was. When the bribed officer tried to make a deal to avoid jail time during an investigation, Anton killed him and staged his death as a suicide. He was eventually profiled as a superstar by The New York Times.

Gambler's FallacyEdit

When Sondra discovers Detective Rollins gambling in her club and starts using her to pull favors to pay off her debt, Anton asks to use her and orders her to have Rollins fix a gun charge Carlos has in preparation for a bigger plan. When she is successful, he orders Sondra to have Carlos break into the home of a Brazilian diplomat, Marcelo Guarana, who also gambles at Sondra's club. He beats and ties up the Guaranas as he robs them of all the paintings that belong to their government, and Carlos finishes the job by raping the wife. When Carlos' DNA is found at the crime scene, Detectives Amaro and Fin question him due to Carlos' connection to his gallery. He brushes them off and denies any involvement. He later watches in shock as Rollins brings Sondra and Declan to his gallery with her gun pointed at Sondra's belly. Rollins demands money and transportation out of the country when the police realize her involvement, and he agrees to help her. Declan later takes advantage of Sondra having contractions to take Rollins' gun, and Anton orders him to shoot her. Declan then reveals his status as an undercover officer and arrests everyone there, save Rollins. Anton is sentenced to life imprisonment for multiple counts of money laundering, illegal gambling, art forgery, rape, and murder.

Known VictimsEdit

  • June-August 2013: Unnamed cop (shot once in the head and staged as a suicide)
  • March 5, 2014: The Brazilian embassy home invasion (commited by Carlos Riva):
    • Marcelo Guarana (beaten, tied up, and robbed)
    • Marianna Guarana (raped)

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