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Antonella Ricci

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Antonella Ricci
Name Antonella “Toni” Ricci
Title Assistant District Attorney
Status Deceased
Actor Jenna Stern
First Appearance Refuge (1)
Last Appearance Refuge (1)

Antonella “Toni” Ricci was an Assistant District Attorney assigned to the Rackets Bureau of the New York District Attorney’s office.

Portrayed by actress Jenna Stern, she appears in L&O episode Refuge (1) in which she assists the police and the Manhattan District Attorney's Office with investigation of murders and racketeering crimes involving the Russian Mafia.

She was believed to be missing at the end of Refuge (1) and in Refuge (2), Ricci and an eyewitness' mother were found murdered by Omar Panella, a former drug dealer from Colombia, at the behest of the Russian mafia. The eyewitness himself was seriously injured, but survived.

Following the testimony of Carlton Radford, every member of the mafia, including Panella, was convicted of Ricci's murder and all other charges against them and sentenced to life imprisonment without parole.

Ricci turned childhood exposure to the Russian culture into a career fighting crime in the Rackets Bureau.

She recalls members of the communist party apparently visiting her childhood home and giving “this little girl her first shot of vodka and her first smoke, Sobranies with a cardboard filter.”

Ricci holds a B.A. in Russian Studies and visited Moscow during her senior year.

Ricci was a colleague and friend with ADA Abbie Carmichael. The two worked together on “a couple” of cases when Carmichael was in the Narcotics Bureau.

In Rumble, executive assistant district attorney Michael Cutter refers to former ADA Toni Ricci and DA Adam Schiff, and to the events in the ninth season.

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