Anya Ragova
Name Anya Ragova
Occupation Restaurant owner
Pathology Murderer
Family Unnamed husband
Unnamed grandson
Status Deceased
Actor Gordana Rashovich
First Appearance "Payback"

Anya Ragova was one of the two individuals who killed Stefan Tanzic, who had raped her in their native country of Serbia. Marta Stevens was the other. In addition to raping Anya, Tanzic also murdered her husband and grandson. She fled Serbia with Stevens and came to New York City, where she managed a restaurant.

One night, she and Stevens got into a cab and recognized Tanzic, who was now calling himself "Steven Panachek", as the cab driver. They later got into his cab again, castrated him and stabbed him to death.

Anya committed suicide by stabbing herself while Detective Elliot Stabler attempted to arrest her. (SVU: "Payback")

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