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April Troost

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April Troost
Name April Troost
Affiliation McManus Institute
Pathology Con artist
Serial rapist
Status Imprisoned
Actor Estella Warren
First Appearance Design
Last Appearance Flaw

April Troost was a brilliant con artist (estimated IQ of 170) who managed to elude the Special Victims Unit after posing as a rape victim. She was later apprehended when her longtime partner-in-crime, her own mother, turned on her. (SVU: "Design")

Known VictimsEdit

  • Her unnamed infant son (wrapped in a towel, put in a black garbage bag, and buried alive nearly immediately after his birth for being deformed)
  • 34 men (all drugged for their semen to create a baby)
    • J.J. Price
    • Leo Ashford
    • Don Lacey
    • Barclay Pallister
  • Numerous unnamed couples (defrauded out of thousands of dollars with the promise of giving them her daughter)
  • Sarah, her infant daughter (kidnapped and held for ransom)
  • David Glass (defrauded out of a half-million dollars and later committed suicide)
  • Patrick Sullivan (shot once in the chest)

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