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April Troost

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April Troost
April Troost
Name April Troost
Affiliation McManus Institute
Occupation Grifter
Accountant (former)
Pathology Con artist
Double murderer
Serial rapist
Family Lorraine Dillon (mother)
Douglas McManus (father)
Five unnamed stepfathers
Unnamed son (with Arliss Driver; deceased)
Sarah (daughter with Barclay Pallister)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Estella Warren
First Appearance SVU: "Design"
Last Appearance L&O: "Flaw"

April Troost is a brilliant con artist (estimated IQ of 170) who managed to elude the Special Victims Unit after posing as a rape victim.


She first appeared when Detective Benson talked her down from a roof. When she is apparently murdered, they focus their investigation on her alleged rapist, Barclay Pallister. It later turns out that she had been stealing men's sperm, including Pallister's, to impregnate her and had been scamming people under the belief that she was selling her baby. When she did give birth to her baby, she refused to give her location until she got a deal for full immunity. Her mother Lorraine held onto the baby while April negotiated the deal and eventually detectives took the baby, Sarah, to her new family after A.D.A. Novak agreed. (SVU: "Design")

The two later teamed up with another con man and friend named Patrick Sullivan to defraud a man named David Glass out of one million dollars. She and her mother posed as FBI agents and pretended to shoot Patrick while Glass bought the act. April got greedy, however, and fatally shot Patrick. She then lied to her mother about it, saying he raped her. When detectives arrive and arrest her mother, the trial is going in her mother's favor for the most part until April lies on the stand and frames her mother for murder. Lorraine is convicted of murder and April gets all of the money they got from the scam. Benson is not satisfied, however, and continues investigating. She finds out that at fourteen, April had a baby boy, who she killed immediately after birth because he was deformed. They found witnesses to the crime but couldn't find the body and couldn't tie her to the crime until the baby's remains are found and her own mother turned on her. April was arrested for murder. (L&O: "Flaw")

Known VictimsEdit

  • Her unnamed infant son (wrapped in a towel, put in a black garbage bag, and buried alive nearly immediately after his birth for being deformed)
  • A total of 34 men, all drugged for their semen to create a baby. Named ones are:
    • J.J. Price
    • Leo Ashford
    • Don Lacey
    • Barclay Pallister
  • Numerous unnamed couples (defrauded out of thousands of dollars with the promise of giving them her daughter)
  • Sarah (her infant daughter; kidnapped and held for ransom; was rescued)
  • David Glass (defrauded out of a half-million dollars; committed suicide as a result)
  • Patrick Sullivan (shot once in the chest)

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