Archibald Newlands
Name Archibald Newlands
Occupation Dermatologist
Pathology Double murderer
Family Unnamed wife
Lynette Newlands (daughter with his wife)
Unnamed daughter (with his wife)
Emily Rose Morris (daughter with Brianna Morris; deceased)
Status Deceased
Actor Martin Donovan
First Appearance "Serendipity"

Dr. Archibald Newlands was a dermatologist who had a practice in New York City called Newlands Skin Care. His wife was also a dermatologist at the same practice.


Manhattan Special Victims Unit detectives suspected Newlands in the death of Brianna Morris and her newborn daughter. Morris had been preparing to file a paternity lawsuit against him, and she also had been drugged with drugs he had access to. He offered to take a paternity test, which showed that he was not the father.

However, prior to the test, Newlands implanted a tube of blood he obtained from his wife's practice in order to beat the test. He did not know, however, that the blood belonged to a child rapist and he was subsequently arrested when the police discovered that. Unable to admit his deception without admitting guilt in the Morris case, he did not show up at his trial. He was subsequently shot and killed by the rapist, Peter Nestler.

His attorney in that case was Trevor Langan. (SVU: Serendipity)

Known VictimsEdit

  • Brianna Morris (paralyzed with a sedative, then suffocated)
  • Emily Rose Morris (his and Brianna's daughter; died in forced childbirth)

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