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Arthur Esterman
Arthur Esterman
Name Arthur Estherman
Title Central Park Stalker
Occupation Attorney
Pathology Double murderer
Double rapist
Family Greta Esterman (wife; deceased)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Michael Gross
First Appearance "Lust"

Arthur Esterman was an attorney and a suspect in two murders, including that of his wife.

After being arrested while having sex with a prostitute, who provided the detectives with her DNA as evidence, which matched the DNA found at the scene of the murders, Arthur confessed to the murders and claimed that his wife drove him to it.

He is currently serving 15-25 years in prison for two counts of manslaughter.

Known VictimsEdit

  • 2002:
    • October 7: Greta Estherman (raped with a tree branch, stabbed 37 times and bashed her face in post-mortem)
    • October 10: Mona Sidley (raped with a broken bottle, stabbed 6 times and bashed her face in post-mortem)

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