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Arthur Pruitt
Name Arthur Pruitt
Occupation Ex-con
Pathology Serial killer
Status Imprisoned for life
Actor Sean Cullen
First Appearance "Entitled"

Arthur Pruitt is a serial killer and repeat offender who is later framed for murders he didn't commit. Pruitt had five priors for check kiting, forgery, mail and credit card fraud, and weapons possession.


In 1994, Pruitt purchased three boxes of Black Talon and .44 Magnum bullets in preparation for a killing spree. He killed an unnamed man In Queens, but his involvement went unnoticed and a man named Scott Hexter was suspected of the crime instead. After a while, Arthur moved to Manhattan and he kills a man named Ken Scofield as Scofield was about to have sex in his car with a woman named Jill Templeton, who witnessed the murder. Detectives Briscoe and Logan investigated the murder. Based on Jill's description, they believed Scott Hexter committed the murder. When they connect both murders, the Detectives arrested Hexter for the murders. Hexter was later killed in prison after he was cleared and police still didn't suspect Pruitt's involvement. (L&O: "Mayhem")

Pruitt would later commit two more murders before he was arrested on another unrelated charge and sent to Lompoc. While he was imprisoned, he befriended a mob hitman named Cesar Ordoniez, to whom he confessed his murders. They were both eventually released and lives normal lives until a woman named Stephanie Mulroney killed her former professor, Dean Woodruff. Cesar was later contracted to clean up the mess. To do so, he staged it to appear as if Pruitt killed Woodruff and Stephanie witnessed it. Cesar eventually killed another man named Stanley Becker, who owed the mob, with the help of a call-girl named Helen Katish, and placed the blame on Pruitt. Police eventually arrested Pruitt and three witnesses (Jill Templeton, Stephanie Mulroney, and Helen Katish) picked him out. He confessed to killing Woodruff but not the other victims. (SVU: "Entitled")

Eventually, Pruitt was cleared of the two murders he didn't commit, but this raised problems for his current prosecution. Because of this development, his confession was thrown out. The prosecutors were subsequently left with only one reliable witness and the waters had already been muddied to begin with. (L&O: "Entitled")

He was loosely based on serial killer David Berkowitz, AKA "Son of Sam".

Known VictimsEdit

  • Unknown dates and locations: Two unnamed men (both shot to death)
  • Unknown date, Queens, New York: Unnamed man (shot once in the head)
  • December 6, 1994, Manhattan, New York: Ken Scofield (shot once in the head)

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