Ashley Austin Black
Ashley Austin Black
Name Ashley Austin Black
Occupation Student
Pathology Victim
Family Jared Black (father)
Ricki Austin (mother)
Corbin Austin Black (adoptive brother; deceased)
Status Alive
Actor Hayden Panettiere
First Appearance "Abuse"

Ashley Austin Black is the daughter of country star Ricki Austin and rock star Jared Black. She is first seen at her brother Corbin's 10th birthday. When the detectives began to investigate her brother's death, Detective Benson was the first to notice her hiding under the table and saw the bruises. Benson thought someone was abusing her, but Ashley called them accidents.

Soon, Ashley began attaching herself to Benson, constantly calling her on the job, calling the detective her friend and often seen throwing tantrums. It is soon revealed that Ashley was hurting herself because it was the only way to make her parents notice her, as they are too busy with their own careers to take care or have time for her, leaving her and her deceased brother with nannies.


  • Ashley was at risk from being expelled from her school, but her parents donated a new library to keep her from getting expelled and to keep her from seeing a therapist.

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