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Avery Huntington
Name Avery Huntington
Occupation Head of Avery Huntington Foundation
Pathology Child molester
Family Lois Huntington (wife)
Jamie Huntington-McKenna (daughter)
Randall McKenna (son-in-law)
Emily (granddaughter)
Michael (grandson)
Justin (step-grandson)
Status Deceased
Avery Huntington was the father of Jamie Huntington-McKenna, the husband of Lois Huntington, head of the Avery Huntington Foundation, the grandfather of Emily and Michael, the step-grandfather of Justin and the father-in-law of Randall McKenna. He was an ambassador who sexually abused Jamie as a child. He indulged Jamie and she was 'Daddy's Little Girl' and when he died, she indulged herself with prescription drugs and diet pills, according to her mother, thus having Lois to send her to boarding school when she was eleven years old by her mother, thinking she had a discipline problem.

According to Munch, he tells Jamie that he has a friend in Children's Service who remembers her as her superiors were nervous about investigating him for sexually abusing Jamie when she was eleven years old. When Munch asked about how her mother handle the investigation, she said that 'she was jealous because daddy couldn't stand to touch her, thus sending Jamie to boarding school. She begged her mother not to, but 'what mother wants, mother gets.'

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