Aziza Amir
Name Aziza Amir
Occupation Diplomat's wife
Family Saleh Amir (husband)
Nafeesa Amir (daughter; deceased)
Jaleel Amir (son)
Status Deceased
Actor Susham Bedi
First Appearance "Honor"

Aziza Amir was the wife of Saleh Amir and the mother of Jaleel and Nafeesa Amir. When Detectives Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler came into the Amir's house and told them that Jaleel may have murdered Nafeesa, Aziza, in a state of shock and sadness, told Benson and Stabler where he was, much to the anger of Saleh. Benson later convinced Aziza to testify in order for Jaleel to get the punishment he deserved. Saleh was angered about her betrayal and killed his wife by slashing her throat and stabbing her multiple times. He left her body on the bed of his hotel room and left the scene. (SVU: "Honor")

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