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"Baby Killer"
SVU, Episode 2.05
Production number: E1411
First aired: 17 November 2000
  th of 295 produced in SVU  
th of 295 released in SVU
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Elias Barrera and Elizabeth Olivet
Written By
Lisa Marie Petersen & Dawn DeNoon

Directed By
Juan Campanella

A 6-year-old girl is shot to death by her 7-year-old classmate. The detectives learn that the gun was used in another crime that the 7-year-old boy may have witnessed.

Plot Edit

Episode plot

During the morning, the kids are playing at their school. An African American female worker hears a gunshot. A 6- year-old African-American girl, Carly Jackson is killed. The shooter is near the garbage can. The shooter is a 7-year-old Hispanic boy, Elias Barrera. At the station, Cragen informs the detectives that a 6 year old girl died. The officers bring Elias to the station.

When Elias’s parents come to the station, Benson tells them that Elias shot Carly. Elias’s parents don’t own a gun. Elias’s parents don’t know how Elias got the gun. Elias goes to school, home, and his babysitter, Mrs. Strada’s residence. Elias, Stabler, Benson, Elias’s parents, and an African-American officer are in the interrogation room. Stabler talks to Elias.

Elias doesn’t like Carly because she kisses and chases him. Elias asks if Carly is going to be okay, but nobody answers Elias’s question. Elias says that he shot Carly. Elias will get a lawyer soon, but he can’t go home right now. Cragen wants Munch and Fin to find out how Elias got the gun. Munch and Fin are at the school. Munch talks to the lady, Mrs. Pivik, who found Carly. Munch asks if Carly and Elias fought a lot, but Mrs. Pivik says no. She saw Elias putting the gun in the garbage can. Munch says, “Elias said that Carly picked on him.” Mrs. Pivik says that Carly was a sweet girl and Elias wasn’t a troublemaker.

Benson and Stabler go to Mrs. Strada’s residence where Mrs. Strada babysits a lot of kids. Mrs. Strada doesn’t own a gun and none of the kids brought a gun to Mrs. Strada’s residence. There’s a list of people, who drop their kids off at Strada’s residence. Stabler asks if Strada is responsible for every kid around here. Strada says, “Yes.” Fin talks to a kid, named Sammy at the school. Sammy doesn’t know where Elias got the gun from. Sammy didn’t know that Elias had a gun. When Elias shot Carly, it was Sammy’s first time to see the gun. Munch’s also talking to 1 of the kids. Munch asks, “Why did Elias shoot Carly?” The kid says, “I don’t know.” Munch asks if Carly picked on Elias a lot.

The kid says that Carly kissed Elias all the time, but Elias’s face got red. Munch asks if Carly tried to kiss Elias before she died. The kid says, “She was walking over.” At the station, Benson and Stabler meet Elias’s teacher, Mrs. Paredes. Mrs. Par says that Elias drew a picture in his class before Carly’s death.

In the drawing, there are 2 evil people and 1 good person. After the shooter shoots a pillow, the bullet enters the good person who has a pony tail. When Carly died, she had a pony tail. Charlie’s the CADA (Chief Assistant District Attorney). Charlie, Alexandra, and other people are in the hallway. Charlie wants Alexandra to charge Elias with murder, but Alexandra doesn’t want to do it because Elias is 7. Charlie says that Elias is old enough to know the difference between right and wrong.

Alexandra says that Elias wasn’t able to understand the consequences of his actions. Since Elias brought a gun to school, Charlie feels that Elias knew what he was doing. Due to Elias’s drawing, Charlie feels that Elias planned to kill Carly. They go to the courtroom. Before the jury writes the verdict, Alexandra wants Elias to get removed from his house. Elias’s parents and lawyer are sad because the judge’s sending Elias to Wagner Detention Facility. Elias is also sad. Carly’s family is obviously mad because Carly’s dead.

At the station, Munch and Benson read an article that shows Elias. Alexandra had no other choice to do it. Elias didn’t talk about why he pulled the trigger. Elias didn’t talk about where he got the gun from. Reyna drops her son off at Strada’s residence. Reyna owns a gun. Fin and Munch go to Reyna’s residence. Reyna never gave her gun to her son. When Reyna pulls out her gun, Fin and Munch get scared because Reyna might pull the trigger by mistake.

Benson and Stabler find out that somebody used the murder weapon to kill a 23 year old man before Carly’s death. At the station, they find out that the 23 year old victim’s Shorty. Shorty died the night before Carly’s death. Shorty’s dead body got dumped in an alley. Shorty used to be in jail. There’s no list of suspects. They want to arrest Shorty’s killer, but they have to look for people who know Shorty. In the picture of Shorty’s dead body, Shorty’s pants are similar to the victim’s pants from Elias’s drawing.

When Benson and Stabler go to the streets, they meet a paper man who saw Shorty leaving Nicky Crow’s store more than 1 time. They go to Nicky’s store. They tell Nicky that Shorty is dead. They didn't ask if Nicky killed Shorty. When they leave Nicky’s store, they see a group of men standing next to a fence. Jamal is a kid who yells 911 and runs. They decide to chase Jamal, but Kwon catches Jamal. Jamal knows Elias, but Jamal doesn’t know Shorty.

Benson and Kwon look at the men, who are standing next to the fence. Kwon says that 1 of the men is Bobby. Kwon owns a candy store. Kwon never saw Elias with Shorty. Elias and a male teenager, Sweetness went to Kwon’s candy store more than one time. At the station, they find out that Sweetness’s real name is Antonio. Antonio used to be in jail. Antonio’s great grandmother is Strada. Benson and Stabler talk to Strada. Strada says that Antonio became a good person. Antonio takes some of the kids to the park, candy store, etc. Antonio and Shorty were in the same prison. Benson and Stabler feel that Antonio murdered Shorty. Strada doesn’t want the detectives to hurt Antonio. Benson and Stabler go to Antonio’s apartment. There’s blood in Antonio’s apartment and outside of the apartment building. Antonio is outside. Somebody cut Antonio’s throat. Antonio is still bleeding. Antonio says that his attacker’s Machate, but Antonio dies.

At the station, they look at the picture of Shorty’s dead body and Elias’s drawing again. They believe that Elias saw Shorty getting murdered. Elias didn’t say anything about Shorty’s murder because Elias is afraid. Elias went back to his house, but the case’s not over. Benson and Stabler go to Elias’s residence. They show Elias’s drawing to Elias’s parents and lawyer. Stabler talks to Elias.

Before Shorty got murdered, Sweetness told Elias to hide in the room. Machate killed Shorty. Elias doesn’t know Machate’s address or location. After Machate killed Shorty, Elias heard sirens and Machate escaped. Sweetness put the gun on the couch. Sweetness got a suitcase and left too. Elias took the gun because Elias didn’t want to die. Shorty got killed at Strada’s residence. They go to Strada’s residence. When Shorty got killed, Strada was sleeping at her residence.

At Strada's residence, one of the pillows is missing. Sweetness put Shorty’s dead body in the suitcase. Sweetness dumped Shorty’s dead body in the alley. At the station, an officer gives them a list of suspects because they’re still looking for Machate. Benson, Stabler, and Munch talk to Cragen. Last 3 suspects are Bobby, Nicky, and Kwon. Stabler, Benson, Elias, and Elias’s lawyer go to Nicky’s store. Before they enter Nicky's store, Elias has to wear a mask because Nicky might be Machate. When they enter the store, Elias sees Nicky.

Elias grabs Stabler’s hand because Nicky is Machate. Stabler and Benson arrest Nicky/Machate. Elias is in Dr. Olivet’s office. Before Carly died, Elias was scared because Machate was near the school. Machate wanted to attack Elias too. Elias wanted to shoot Machate, but Elias accidentally shot Carly. Elias asks, “What’s going to happen to me?” Dr. Olivet asks, “What do you think should happen to you?” Elias thinks that he’s going to burn in hell for what he did.

Alexandra goes to Charlie’s office. Charlie still wants Elias to get punished because people want justice. When they leave Charlie’s office, Charlie says that Alexandra can charge Elias with manslaughter. Alexandra still doesn’t want to prosecute Elias. Charlie and Alexandra enter the elevator.

When they get out of the elevator, Charlie and Alexandra talk to the reporters. Cragen and the detectives are watching TV because Charlie and Alexandra are talking to the reporters. Stabler was told that Elias got expelled from school. Alexandra goes to talk to Dr. Olivet. They go to the courtroom. Dr. Olivet talks to Elias’s lawyer. When Elias pulled the trigger, Elias didn’t know that it was wrong. Alexandra talks to Dr. Olivet. Carly’s mother realizes that Elias wanted to shoot someone else.

Carly’s mother also realizes that Elias accidentally killed Carly. Dr. Olivet believes that Elias lacked the capacity to understand the consequences of his actions. Alexandra doesn't want Elias to get punished. Carly’s mother’s not mad at Elias anymore. Carly’s mother is also not mad at Alexandra. Elias can go back to his house. There’s a group of African Americans outside because they’re mad at Alexandra. Alexandra talks to the angry mob. When Carly’s mother talks to the angry mob, Carly’s mother says, “Go home. Take care of your children.”

At the station, Alexandra talks to the police. Alexandra’s boss said that Alexandra can take Sunday off. Cragen receives a phone call because a terrible incident took place. Benson and Stabler go to the crime scene. They find out that a twelve-year-old African American boy, T.J. killed Elias for revenge and TJ said, "You can't kill a sister and just walk." Stabler worries about the cycle of violence continuing.

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Wagner Detention Center

Quotes Edit

  • Elliot: Welcome to the Gaza Strip.

  • [When Mrs. McCreary shows Fin and Munch the gun she owns]
  • Mrs. McCreary: Here it is. (takes her gun out of her purse and points it at Fin and Munch)
  • Fin and Munch: Whoa! (put their hands in the air)
  • Munch: You carry that thing in your purse?
  • Mrs. McCreary: Sometimes I work at the hospital until 3 in the morning, I have to take a subway, a bus, and walk four blocks to get home.
  • Fin: Carrying a concealed weapon is a felony.
  • Mrs. McCreary: I don't, I leave it at home so the appliances can defend themselves.

  • Lab Technician: [about the gun] Compact, lightweight, hammerless.
  • Olivia: So simple, even a 7-year-old could use it.

  • Captain Cragen: Get Fin. Locate friends, family, neighbors, school, anyone he coulda' got that gun from. As slipshod as the screening process is, I doubt he bought it himself.

  • Alex[about prosecuting Elias for murder] Why don't we just apply for a change of venue to Texas so we can have him executed?
  • Phillips: No. Manhattan Family Court will be sufficient.

Background information and notes Edit

  • This episode seems to be partly based on a shooting that took place on the Buell Elementary School in 2000. During a class changing period, six-year-old Dedrick Owens, shot classmate Kayla Rolland. Owens fired only one shot, which entered Rolland's right arm before travelling into her vital organs. At 10:59 am that same day, Rolland died from her injuries. After the shooting, Owens threw the handgun into a wastebasket and fled to a nearby restroom. He was found there by a teacher and was taken into police custody soon after. Due to Owens' age and lack of ability to form intent, Owens was never charged for the shooting. (Source: Buell Elementary School at Wikipedia)

Episode scene cards Edit

1 2 3

Home of
Mrs. Dorothea Strada
1630 Lexington Avenue
Tuesday, November 7

Office of Chief
Assistant District Attorney
Charlie Phillips
Tuesday, November 7

23rd Precinct
Detective Squad
Wednesday, November 8

4 5 6

15th Precinct
Detective Squad
Thursday, November 9

Office of
Dr. Elizabeth Olivet
Friday, November 10

Family Court
Capacity Hearing
Monday, November 13

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