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L&O, Episode 7.12
Production number: K1110
First aired: 12 February 1997
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Written By
René Balcer & Eddie Feldmann

Directed By
Dan Karlok

Plot Edit

After the treasurer of an apartment co-op is shot to death in the building's garage, the detectives discover that the killing may have been a case of mistaken identity. The trail soon leads the detectives to a maze of contract killers, other murders, & a ruthless sociopath bent on killing anyone in his path.

Cast Edit

Main cast Edit

Guest cast Edit

References Edit

Quotes Edit

Adam Schiff: How do you propose to convict Mr. Russo?
Jamie Ross: Flores confessed. We can't use it against him, but maybe we can use it against Russo.
Adam Schiff: Yeah. He lent money to someone who killed two people. Since when is that a crime?
Jamie Ross: It proves one element of the fact pattern.
Adam Schiff: The only pattern here is that you have no facts!

"Can we swing by my house? I would really like to see the new Christmas lights."
Sam Russo

Background information and notes Edit

Episode scene cardsEdit

1 2 3

Kort Brothers & Associates
127 Liberty
Tuesday, December 5

Co-Op Of
Mrs. Harriet Keenan
153 East 73rd Street
Tuesday, December 5

Beachwood Loan CO.
Brooklyn, NY
Thursday, December 7

4 5 6

Jensen Management Services
78 East 56th Street
Monday, December 11

Champlain Insurance CO.
Queens, NY
Monday, December 18

Chambers Of
Judge Louise Castillo
Tuesday, January 9


Supreme Court
Trial Part 42
Monday, February 5

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Season 7
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