Ben Laurette
Ben Laurette
Name Ben Laurette
Occupation Architect
Status Alive
Actor Olek Krupa
Last Appearance Undaunted Mettle

Ben Laurette is a world famous architect, known across the world for his brilliant designs.

Aside from the several major buildings around the world he his known for, he designed three homes in Bergen County, New Jersey. One of them was occupied by Meredith Green.

He was regarded as the leading contender to win the commission to replace the World Trade Center after the murder of Noah Preston.

Laurette was a bigamist, having three wives simultaneously, each without the knowledge of the others. To maintain this secrecy, he would often lie to them about his whereabouts, such as supposedly being in Chicago or meeting with the Boston Planning Council. He had children with each of them, and also was the father of Green's unborn child.

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