Benjamin Hadley
Dr. Ben Hadley
Name Dr. Benjamin Hadley
Title Doctor
Occupation President of Midvale College
Pathology Conspirator
Family Sharon Hadley (ex-wife)
Ben Hadley, Jr. (son)
Sylvia Hadley (daughter-in-law; deceased)
Unborn grandson/son (fathered with Sylvia; deceased)
Status Alive
Actor Robert Foxworth
First Appearance Misleader

Dr. Benjamin Hadley is a college president and a conspirator.


He was the husband of Sharon Hadley, the father of Ben, Jr., and the father-in-law of Sylvia, who was also his mistress. At the time of her death, Sylvia was two months pregnant with his son/grandson. They were in New York, attending the National Conference of Christian Colleges. He is also the president of Midvale College, a once-floudering, but recently revived college, who would fire anyone who disagreed with him.

Sharon tells Benson that happiness is highly overrated. When Benson informed her that Sylvia was two months pregnant, Sharon tearfully tells her husband had been having an affair with Sylvia for the past two years and forgave him for it.

After Ben, Jr. tearfully admitted that he strangled Sylvia to death, Sharon joins them and Donald Cragen tells Dr. Hadley she knows more than he thinks, which he denied. She questions if he was trying to protect her from the trust, how "thoughtful" or "Christian" he was being. She questions if he made up the robbery story to cover up what Ben did or to make sure he didn't find out she was pregnant and asked him if he was going to call the child "son" or "Ben III". Dr. Hadley thinks it's the grief talking, she explains it was her talking after a lifetime of grief and watching him have an affair for two years and father his own grandchild with Sylvia. She tells him that she is filing for divorce before she leaves. He sits back down, alone in the interrogation room, humbled and humiliated.

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