"Big Bang"
L&O, Episode 4.16
Production number: 69027
First aired: 2 March 1994
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Briscoe Kincaid Van Buren Logan Big Bang
Written By
Ed Zuckerman

Directed By
Dann Florek


A scientist becomes the chief suspect after his wife is the victim of a letter bomb.


Main cast

Recurring cast

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Background information and notes

  • This episode is based on the Ted Kaczynski "The Unabomber" case, who was still at large at the time the episode aired but arrested two years later. (Ted Kaczynski at Wikipedia)

Episode scene cards

1 2 3

Hudson Polytech
1200 West 110th Street
Chemistry Laboratory
Tuesday, January 18

Apartment of
Max and Alice Weiss
204 Bank Street
Monday, January 24

27th Precinct
Interrogation Room
Thursday, January 27

4 5 6

Professor Samuel Kessler
Taylor University
Wednesday, February 23

Chambers of
Judge Grace Larkin
Monday, February 28

Executive Assistant
District Attorney
Benjamin Stone
Friday, March 4

7 8

Murder Trial of
Max Weiss
Supreme Court
Trial Part 57
Tuesday, March 22

Sentencing Hearing
Supreme Court
Trial Part 57
Monday, April 4

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