Birdie Sulloway
Birdie 2
Name Birdie Sulloway
Occupation Dancer
Pathology Serial killer
Double proxy murderer
Family Unnamed father (deceased)
Chet Sulloway (adoptive son)
Lawrence Wolnick (first husband; deceased)
Raymond Araya (second husband; deceased)
Phillip Goldberg (third husband; deceased)
Walter Bostaph (fourth husband; deceased)
Marv Sulloway (fifth husband; deceased)
Status Deceased
Actor Carol Burnett
First Appearance "Ballerina"

Bridget "Birdie" Sulloway is a black widow-type serial killer who marries and murders men who she views the world is better off without. She eventually recruits her adopted son into killing some of her husbands and eventually starts sleeping with him.

She was diagnosed with terminal cancer and eventually died. (SVU: "Ballerina")

Known VictimsEdit

  • Lawrence Wolnick (Birdie's first husband; killed by a drug overdose)
  • Phillip Goldberg (Birdie's third husband; strangled)
  • Marv Sulloway (Birdie's fifth husband; pushed out of a window)

Proxy VictimsEdit

  • Raymond Araya (Birdie's second husband; pushed down a flight of stairs by Chet)
  • Walter Bostaph (Birdie's fourth husband; died in a car accident after Chet cut the brakes to his car)

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