Blake Peters
Name Blake Peters
Occupation Law firm partner
Pathology Serial statutory rapist
Family Unnamed ex-wife
Unnamed wife
Status Imprisoned
Actor Victor Slezak
First Appearance "Underbelly"

Blake Peters is a serial statutory rapist.


Peters was one of the clients of John Victor Bodine, having had sex with some of his prostitutes, some of whom were underage. In his personal life, he was a successful businessman, being a partner at a law firm, although he had domestic disputes with his ex-wife. Victor was brought in by Detectives Elliot Stabler and Dani Beck under suspicion of the murders of some of Victor's girls.

Though he was exonerated for the murders after confessing he was trying to legitimately adopt them, he was most likely charged and imprisoned for statutory rape. (SVU: "Underbelly")

Known Victims

  • Sandra Garner
  • Monique
  • Chantal Vanner