• Thereselovesyou
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  • Xmcicjones


    Trying to find an old L&O episode where a father asks his on to kill his daugher!!. They were from Iran or middle east. They did the task and stood trial. Interesting episode if you can find it !. I NEED TO KNOW THE NAME OF THE EPISODE



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  • JL the superhuman

    Jacob Rollins

    September 9, 2016 by JL the superhuman

    Jacob Rollins is the younger brother of Amanda and Kim Rollins. 

    Jacob is a former high school football player who decided to become a cop like his sister Amanda. He joined the Special Victims Unit at 21 years old, but he is afraid of firing a gun due to his fear of loud noises so Olivia has him wear ear plugs to drown the sound out. He later gets tourted while being undercover and Amanda and the rest of the SVU team search for him. Jacob can be overprotective of his sisters at times mostly overprotective of Amanda. He sometimes wishes he had went to college and played in the NFL instead of being a cop, but he wanted to make sure he was with his sister at all time. Jacob also survived a plane crash, but was badly injured.

    • Jacob cares about A…

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  • Cadet Brawler

    New episodes

    September 2, 2016 by Cadet Brawler

    In about a month there will be 6 new episodes and special characters. They can only be brought at Amazon or if you go to target you could find one

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  • Lukebadenhop

    Image Gallery

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  • Lukebadenhop

    Baden Pools

    May 31, 2016 by Lukebadenhop

    Baden Pools -Blog

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  • IblisTheEternalSunGod

    I've noticed you have many categories for victims, rape victim and murder victims can't there be an abuse victim too, because there are a lot of pages with just victim when it's physical, I think there should also be an abuse victim.

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  • IblisTheEternalSunGod

    Some may have already seen this, but have you noticed that some of the guest appearances from Law and Order have appeared on the Prequel show Gotham for instance....

    • Harvey Bullock = Declan Murphey/ Gambler's Fallacy

    • Richard Gladwell = Chuckwei Bothame/ Snitch

    • Oswald Cobblepot = Dylan Fuller/ Tramatic Wound

    • Theo Galavan = Dean holiday & Martin Gold/ Vanishing Act & Users

    • Jerome Valeska = Eddie Sandow/ Father's Shadow
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  • Aggression25

    This idea has been in my head for a while, but this is the first time I got around to sharing it online. I'm hoping that people around the net get to this and share their thoughts and opinions about two of SVU's interesting detectives.

    Some of the similarities I see in Detectives Stabler and Amaro are these: Both are family men, work well with Olivia Benson, don't want to be the window into a world of crime for their kids, and have issues that are often unresolved much of the time.

    Anyone that sees other similarities between them, feel free to share it.

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  • Ducksoup

    Hi Law & Order!  I'm Andrew, the technical community manager here at Wikia. About a month ago we partnered with Sony to launch TV SideView,  which integrates content from your wikia into an Android app. If you haven't given it a shot yet, I recommend it! It's available for most Android devices and it's another way to be proud of your hard work.  

    Your wikia (among others) has been receiving a good number of visits from the app itself, and that's why I'm here. My job as technical community manager is to make sure our back-end work here in the Wikia offices meshes flawlessly with your front-end content. And from our angle, your community is doing a fantastic job sorting and developing your wikia.  

    Thank you so much - users like you are what ma…

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  • Jayke1981

    From the Beginning

    June 25, 2014 by Jayke1981

    This week I've been on Amazon and bought the very special boxset that features the First seasons of L&O, Criminal Intent and SVU. Having watched syndicated episodes on the UK's 5USA or main channel 5, I'm thoroughly looking forward to seeing how it all started. Especially L&O - seeing as all of the characters are ones I've never seen before - apart from Cragen of course

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  • CoolBurnMtW

    Guess I should note that I'm talking about Law & Order: Criminal Intent.  That might be helpful. Yay!  It looks like Cloo channel is going to run the whole series from the beginning.  It will be my first time seeing every episode in order.  I hope they stick to it.  It has already started earlier today, but is repeating today's episodes starting at 3pm EST with "One."  Time to set my DVR!

    I'm only noting all of this because Sundance Channel said they were going to run the entire Law & Order series from beginning to end.  Except, they didn't.  They ended up only going to about 1998, then they started skipping episodes and it just got all out of control.

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  • CoolBurnMtW

    Dick Wolf is the creator of Law & Order.  Michael Imperioli was an actor in several episodes.  In the Sopranos, Christopher mentions Dick Wolf a lot after he gets into the movie business.  Don't know how many instances and what content or context.  Just about the entire cast of the Sopranos also played on earlier episodes of Law & Order, before Sopranos came out in 1997/8 (?).  Everybody but Tony from Sopranos did at least one episode of Law & Order before Sopranos came out.  I just think that's amazing.  I'd really like to learn more about this.  Do the creators of each show know each other, or knew each other before Sopranos was created, at least?

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  • CoolBurnMtW

    I'm not sure what this message on my Profile means:

    This brief message was placed here to eliminate CoolBurnMtW's user page from filling up the wanted pageslist. If you are CoolBurnMtW, please feel free to let the public know a little more about you, your interests, and your contributions.

    If I have done something wrong, I have no clue what it is.  I merely wrote a short Profile message.  Honestly, I don't even remember exactly what I wrote.  Perhaps someone could help me figure this out?  I don't want to cause any trouble.  I'm not that kind of person.  Just a disabled TV junkie looking for other show fans.

    Any help would be much appreciated.  Thanks!

    CoolBurnMtW (Wall) 07:15, March 4, 2014 (UTC)

    The message only means that the text was placed …

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  • CoolBurnMtW

    Dang!  Sundance has stopped playing L&O episodes in order.  What a gip!  What am I gonna use to fill my DVR now??  The Collector?  Don't think so! (Please, no comments from the peanut gallery.  I know The Collector is on a different network.)

    CoolBurnMtW (Wall) 03:19, March 4, 2014 (UTC)

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  • CoolBurnMtW

    Law & Order: SVU

    February 9, 2014 by CoolBurnMtW

    I love this series.  Mariska Hargitay is just gorgeous.  This Blog will be where I talk about various episodes and give my opinions on L&O:SVU.

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  • CoolBurnMtW

    This is probably my favorite Law & Order series.  I'm a huge Vincent D'onfrio fan ever since the first time I saw him in Full Metal Jacket.  This Blog will be where I talk about various L&O:CI episodes as I watch them.

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  • CoolBurnMtW

    Law & Order Blog

    February 9, 2014 by CoolBurnMtW

    This is where i'll talk about my opinions of the regular Law & Order shows.  Just have to give me time to get a few Blogs going.

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  • JL the superhuman

    Jacob Benson

    January 30, 2014 by JL the superhuman

    Jacob Benson is the cousin of Olivia Benson and is her new partner.

    Jacob is a 19-year old detective for the New York Police Depertment under Olivia's order since her aunt was killed. Jacob loves his job and wants to protect his cousin and even his friend from grade school Casey Novak.

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  • Adambomb1701

    New Venues to Watch

    January 2, 2014 by Adambomb1701

    On January 1, 2014, Law & Order began running on the Sundance Channel, We-Women's Entertainment, and WGN America, in addition to its continuing run on TNT. I don't know if all of those channels have access to the entire package of episodes; Sundance's promoes for the series state that it's "from the beginning". Indeed, they started with "Everybody's Favorite Bagman" on 1/1.

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  • Izzy Ahamd

    Recently announced on tvshowsondvd was the release date of Law & Order's Thirteenth year DVD set. That is the 2002-2003 season that included Fred Dalton Thompson to the cast as District Attorney Arthur Branch. A conservative DA as opposed to the more liberal Nora Lewin and Adam Schiff. I believe this character came at a time he was needed in a post-9/11 time and also so there would be someone who would chalange the views of his more liberal collgues EADA McCoy and the more liberal ADA Southerlyn.

    According to tvshowsondvd, the seperate DVD of season 13 will be released on November 5th later this year. According to tvshowsondvd and, there does not seem to be any extras included in this package. But an important thing to note is th…

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  • FriendsJoey

    The Episode Order for Law & Order LA is severly messed up, those who know the series are aware of what i'm talking about, here is what I think the episode order should be:

    Original Episode Order
    Fixed Episode Order

    Ep No.

    Original No. New No.

    1 Hollywood
    1 1 Hollywood

    2 Echo Park
    2 2 Echo Park

    3 Harbor City
    3 3 Harbor City

    4 Sylmar
    4 4 Sylmar

    5 Pasadena
    5 5 Pasadena

    6 Hondo Field
    6 6 Hondo Field

    7 Ballona Creek
    7 7 Ballona Creek

    8 Playa Vista
    8 8 Playa Vista

    9 Zuma Canyon Death of Winters
    18 9 Plummer Park

    10 Silver Lake
    19 10 Carthay Circle

    11 East Pasadena
    20 11 El Sereno

    12 Benedict Canyon
    21 12 Van Nuys

    13 Reseda
    22 13 Westwood

    14 Runyon Canyon
    9 14 Zuma Canyon Death of Winters
    15 Hayden Tract Original Season Finale
    10 …

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  • ChaseWright97

    Hey, Have you ever wanted to join the NYPD? Well in this RPG you can!

    Earn Promotions, recieve medals, and more!

    You can join special units, or head a taskforce!

    Just come and see!

    Solve cases, rise through the ranks!

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  • Camrenbluethree

    I need all of you law and order wiki users to add the category females to all of the females and the category males to all the males, because there are probably 1,000 pages that need those categories. (P. S.: If a page already has that category than skip it of course!!!!.) Thanks for your consideration! Bye

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  • Camrenbluethree

    Somebody Help Me!!

    October 13, 2012 by Camrenbluethree

    Here's the problem, I was adding the category females to all the females and males to all the males. I went to the page Richard Dwyer and put the category females there :(. WOW. Is there someway you can delete that category from that page? If there is than go ahead and delete the category please. Thank you in advance.

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  • Gnostic


    August 15, 2012 by Gnostic

    How did this wiki become such a magnet for vandals?

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  • Izzy Ahamd

    In Law & Order, the detectives from the 27th Precinct work in a Detectives Squad, meaning that not everyone in that squad is a homicide detective. In a city as large New York City, there can't be just one unit responsible for handling all the murders that take place in that town. That's why they have detective squads in New York and LA. Yes I am aware of the infamous Robbery Homicide Division in LA, but there are also detective squads located in different precints throughout the city. (Read Micheal Connelly's earier Harry Bosch Novels.) So who ever is running this Wikia, please change that about the 27th precinct and the detectives, who are Homicide detectives part of the 27th's Precinct's Detectives Squad.

    And Just a Tidbit for the fans:


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  • Nickaguerra

    Hello SVU Fans,

    I am posting an interview for a web show called Media Mayhem with Allison Hope Weiner. Recently, Allison interviewed past SVU executive producer, Neal Baer, who discusses the many shows he has worked on (SVU, ER and A Gifted Man) and he has some interesting tidbits to share about SVU, including its most controversial episode ever.

    Check out the full show here:

    Thank you for taking a look,

    Nick Guerra

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  • FriendsJoey

    I am so sick and tired of people complaining that SVU has gone downhill since Chris Meloni left. Yes he was actor, yes Stabler was a great character, yes we miss him on the show but it doesn't mean the show sucks, the show is still good, people can't seem to handle change. The original Law and Order had cast changes all the time and i never remember people complaining about it as much as they are about SVU. Get over it!

    By the way if the show sucks so much how come NBC renewed it for a 14th season.

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  • Sanbelle29

    The 'new' SVU

    February 13, 2012 by Sanbelle29

    Not only has Stabler gone, but apparently so have the writers and production crew. I've given it time - watching this new incarnation of my #1 TV show, and I'm not happy.

    The new 'look & feel' has gone to the 'light side', bright lights, bright colors, weak plots and overabundance of tear-jerker episodes.

    I don't like it this new show at all. I'm just glad I have a DVR and can capture so many of the old shows. I'm sure I'll be forgetting those old shows as time passes - and I can then watch them again  ;-)

    Farwell, 'new' SVU -

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  • Danashley

    "Superior Court"?

    November 26, 2011 by Danashley

    Why has SVU suddenly started to refer to trials as taking place in "Superior Court". There is no Superior Court in New York. Felony trials take place in Supreme Court which has been the accurate designation since the series began. California's trial court is the Superior Court, not NY's.

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  • Kodi Perry

    oh my god law and order svu almost sucks totally without chris meloni playing elliot. i cant believe that the producer puched it this far with all the new character changes and just plain old changes and stuff but he also could of delt wiht it ya know, but god i almost cant watch the show, now its unbearable. i hope he guest stars and or come back sometime whos with me?

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  • Kate.moon

    After a high-profile gig on Grey's Anatomy, T.R. Knight left the medical procedural and went off television to return to theater. Now, the veteran actor will be marking his return to TV with a guest gig on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit!

    Playing a role quite different from Dr. George O'Malley, T.R. Knight will play a man accused of being a serial rapist in an episode airing this fall.

    Meanwhile, the absence of Elliot Stabler will be deeply felt by Olivia and the rest of the squad when SVU returns in the fall. Although we have two new detectives to look forward to, Stabler will be deeply missed after a 12-year run at SVU!

    Are you looking forward to seeing T.R. Knight? What about Danny Pino or Kelli Giddish as the new Stabler and Bensen? See…

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  • DanDud88

    No Joke!

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  • MtaÄ

    Hello Law & Order fans!

    There are exciting news about the new detectives of season 13 and Mariska Hargitay.

    There are rumors everywhere about what will happen in Law & Order: SVU or if it is also going to be cancelled.

    A known fact is that Mariska Hargitay alias Olivia Benson will only appear in a recurring capacity and nobody yet knows what will happen in season 14.

    The new detectives include known faces such as Danny Pino, known from "Cold Case" who replaces Christopher Meloni in season 12 already, and Kelli Giddish, the star of the failed NBC show "Chase" who is going to join the cast from the 13th season on.

    Yet we don't know what their name will be or how their humor is going to be, but we are looking forward to discover that!

    Marc-Philipp]] …

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  • Unowennyc

    With the broadcast last night of Law & Order - Criminal Intent (26 June ,'11), we say goodbye, to what I thought was the best L&O spinoff, and a huge part of that, is due to the terrific acting of the cast - especially Mr. Vincent D'Onofrio, as Det. Goren.

    Mr. D'Onofrio's character was one of the most complex characters on television. He was both brilliant, and tortured.

    I'm not going to write a synopsis of the series, or characters. I just want to say thank you ALL (both in front of and' behind the camera) on L&O CI for a terrific 10 years.

    I know others would agree, when I say it would be great if Goren & Eames returned in a couple of movie-length episodes a few times a year, much as another great detective did - the late, great COLUMBO.

    In any e…

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  • Detective Ahmad

    Before the new season starts in the fall, i want to say how I feel about the previous season. It is sad that the new Law & Order series, Law & Order: LA, will come to an end. I was getting use to that show and it was nice to see someone from the original Law & ORder series again. But it is too bad that we will not see a show in the original Law & Order format with a police investigtion followed by a criminal prosecution. SVU isn't the same. If you're lucky, you might get to see a police procedural instead of a crappy soap opera like season 12's Bombshell episode which was a waste of time. And if you are even more lucky, you might actually see a trial and see today's issues being argued between lawyers in front of a judge and jury. Criminal…

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  • Charlie clar

    So, I just found this blog tonight. I didn't think anyone else really appreciated the series as much as I did. I'm pleased to find like-minded fans. I've never been one to boast upon art, but I feel like Dick Wolf really created a piece of art with this series. Folks always talk about how art can influence their lives. I personally have never put much merit in such sayings.

    That being said, I feel like, in this rare instance, that art has inflicted a profound influence on my life. I started watching the series in the first season of L&O with my grandfather when I was very young. I loved it. I simply could not pull myself away from the television.

    While considering myself the complete opposite of most die hard TV fans (Trekkies???)....I can h…

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  • Pixie child

    Was there ever a specific point where it's shown how/when Jamie Ross went from being in support of the death penalty (as she was in her first episode ["Causa Mortis"]) to against it (as she states in "Bad Girl")? I know it's not just an oversight, because she gets called on it at some point in between leaving the original series and apearing as a judge on Trial By Jury, but I am really curious what cause her to change her mind, given the strength of her conviction when she argues with McCoy on their first case.Pixie Child 18:02, June 6, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Kate.moon

    Losing Chris Meloni

    May 25, 2011 by Kate.moon

    Can you believe it Christopher Meloni fans!?!? Shortly after learning that Mariska Hargitay is taking a smaller role on SVU, TV Line broke news that Chris Meloni will NOT be returning for SVU's next season!!

    After 12 years as Elliot Stabler, Chris will be leaving after negotiations with NBC fell through. We still don't know if this will affect Mariska Hargitay's contract and she's only signed on for 13 episodes for Season 13! I can't believe SVU's taken such a turn after 12 solid years.

    What do you think, fans?? Who should replace Stabler and will you still watch SVU??

    17:56, May 25, 2011 (UTC) Read more >
  • Kate.moon

    Breathe easy, Law and Order: SVU fans! Mariska Hargitay isn't leaving the show...but she IS in talks for taking on a slightly different role on SVU. While Christopher Meloni has yet to sign on for Season 13, Mariska Hargitay just inked a new deal with NBC...with a twist.

    While Olivia Benson will be a regular fixture, she'll be passing on her detective role to a new female detective, very likely...Jennifer Love Hewitt!? Now that's a strange combination; can you imagine her and Chris Meloni as partners? Meanwhile, Olivia will be promoted to a supervisor role.

    What do you think Law and Order fans? Could Jennifer Love Hewitt be a suitable replacement for our Mariska? Let's soak in all the Benson-Stabler partnership we can!


    18:00, May 16, 2…
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  • Sweetie Pie

    Law and Order LA

    April 13, 2011 by Sweetie Pie


    April 9, 2011 Sweetie Pie

    Why did Skeet Ulrich go off the show? Big MISTAKE! hE IS A HUNK AND A GREAT ACTOR. gET HIM BACK!

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  • Eodtech111

    Law and Order UK

    March 20, 2011 by Eodtech111

    I have been watching this since it started. I am trying to determine if this show has hired writers, since every show that I have seen is nearly an exact duplicate of original Law and Order shows. The plots and results of these shows are IDENTICAL. They have made some minor changes to take in to account the English way. I was suprised, I actually expected something better. The cast is good, but I wonder why they can't write their own material. Must be the CHEAP way. I have stopped watching, if I want to see these shows, I'll watch the original.

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  • Pixie child

    In "Custody" (TOS, 6x14), Robinette (as defence counsel) informs the trial judge, Judge Cyrus Metcalfe, he [Robinette] will be filling for the judge to be removed, because "Three years ago, over dinner at Elio's, you said all drug addicts should be rounded up and sterilized. (...) And if I subpoena him, so will Ben Stone. We nearly fell off our chairs when you said it."

    Usually, I know which prior episodes are being refered to, but this one is driving me nuts. I've checked on here (this Wikia), IMDB, and even Wikipedia, but I can't find any mention of the character being in an eariler episode, nor do I remember either a judge ever saying something like that or even Stone and Robinette going to dinner with a judge.

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  • Hecmacd

    Time for new directions

    February 21, 2011 by Hecmacd

    Having watched every episode of all series I believe it's time for a new and fresh direction called "Law and Order".... 'Depraved Indifference' investigating and prosecuting citizens who turn their backs on crimes, refuse to give evidence and obstruct, through their indifference, the Police in their investigation and prosecution of criminals. Where I live, in Southern Australia, everyone is prepared to get involved, to support the Police, to give evidence in trials, to support victims, and to be complete members of our communities. It strikes me that Americans have become too scared or too selfish and "Depraved Indifference"could change that culture and cut crime rates nationally. In Australia, with our population of 22million, we have few…

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  • Gagefontana

    Best Law And Order

    October 11, 2010 by Gagefontana

    When it comes to Law And Order SVU is the best !

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  • Babyjabba

    Need a Benson and Stabler fix? Do you even miss Detective John Munch? All you SVU fanatics should check out Netflix Watch Instantly because seasons (years) 1-10 are available for instant streaming on a computer, special blu-ray players, and gaming systems like the PS3, Wii, and XBOX 360! Plus last week they made my day by adding the newest season, year 11, to watch instantly! I'm so happy! and a nerd :P

    Sign up for Netflix here

    If you are already on Netflix: Season 11 PS. they also have a bunch of seasons of Criminal Intent if you are craving some Vincent D!

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  • Psychoman420

    Vincent D'Onofrio is gonna reprise is role of Goren in 2011 for Criminal Intent's last season.

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  • StablerBenson

    Our Christopher Meloni has clear up the rumors of he going out of SVU. All of the rumors started when an Australian reporter misunderstood some coments form Meloni, here it is the what we are waiting for: The evidence:

    "It was rumored that Season 12 may be the last for Meloni after comments to an Australian reporter were misunderstood. Meloni commented that "I think 12 years is enough, a good number" in the Australian newspaper Courier-Mail. Meloni later clarified that at the time he had one year left on his contract and the show hadn't been picked up. "It wasn't [the reporter's] fault." and that he would continue on the show so long as it was picked up.When asked in an interview to Mariska Hargitay if she could envision doing the show with…

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  • XtranormalGeek

    In a promo for the final episode in Season 12 of Special Victims Unit, we see an interesting part showing a grieving woman grab a poilce officer's gun and aim it at Jo Marlowe. The woman then is shocked by Stabler shouting at her and shoots the gun...the question is, who got shot? Post your thoughts below.

    Here's the promo.

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