Bobby Masconi
Name Bobby Masconi
Title County Prosecutor
Affiliation Hudson County
Occupation Attorney
Pathology Rapist
Statutory rapist
Corrupt attorney
Family Gina Masconi (wife)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Bill Sage
First Appearance "Jersey Breakdown"

Robert "Bobby" Masconi was the County Prosecutor for Hudson County and a silent partner of a sex trafficker named Perry Cannavaro, who raped Clare Wilson.

Background Edit

While serving as County Prosecutor, Masconi became partners with Cannavaro and would frequent his clubs to have sex with teenage girls. If a girl made accusations against him or another client of Cannavaro, Masconi would have the girls charged with fraud because Cannavaro would have them overcharge customers in his strip clubs for drinks. Once arrested Masconi and Cannavaro would have them sent to a juvenile facility called Knollwood, where the girls would be forcibly drugged, suffer physical abuse, neglect and sexual abuse. In return Knollwood would send money to Masconi, for every child that he had sent to them. One of his and Cannavaro's clients was judge Daniel Dolan, who would have sex with girls as young as twelve. One night Masconi went to one of Cannavaro's strip clubs but did't show interest in the dancers because they were adults, Cannavaro then left him in the VIP room and sent Wilson, his waitress in, where Masconi rapes her. After raping Wilson, Masconi and Cannavaro leave her in an ally.

Jersey Breakdown Edit

When Wilson is sent to the hospital to have a rape kit done, she refused to speak with Sergeant Olivia Benson and detective Amanda Rollins and went home. When detectives Odafin Tutuola and Rollins find her and bring her to the hospital for a drug overdose, she tells them that she was raped. When Masconi hears from Cannavaro that the SVU detectives are investigating her rape, he charges her with fraud and has her arrested so she could't testify against him. A.D.A. Rafael Barba met with Masconi and tried to convince him to release Wilson so she could testify against Cannavaro but Masconi refused. At trial A.D.A. Gina Masconi, Bobby Marconi's wife, asks judge Dolan to deny bail and Wilson is remanded to a juvenile facility. Afterwords Masconi uses his connections to have her transferred to Knollwood Juvenile Facility to make it harder for the SVU detectives to get Wilson back in their jurisdiction.

Eventually the detectives raid Cannavaro's strip club and arrest him, after which Assistant U.S. Attorney Connie Rubirosa has Wilson released from Knollwood. Later Sergeant Benson and detective Nick Amaro, go to question Masconi about his ties to Knollwood, he says that it's a good place to send juvenile's and when they confront him about the abuse and neglect that happens at the juvenile facility, Masconi claims that they are being lied to by Wilson and that they believe everyone is a victim. After the detectives question judge Dolan, Masconi sends Dolan a picture of him with an underage prostitute to blackmail him into being quit, after which Dolan commits suicide. Eventually Barba and Amaro get Cannavaro to admit that Masconi raped Wilson and that he was covering for him. After which, Masconi is brought into the precinct where Wilson identifies him as the her rapist. At trial Masconi was defended by Gina Masconi. (SVU: "Jersey Breakdown")

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