Frank McNare
Frank McNare
Name Frank McNare
Occupation Transit worker
Pathology Serial killer
Status Imprisoned for life
Actor Kevin Conway
First Appearance Shibboleth

Frank McNare is an employee of the New York Transit Authority, and father of Keith Durbin. He is also the serial killer known as Body By Jake who killed dozens of women over two decades.

McNare killed all of his victims in the same way: He would tie them up behind their back, connecting their legs to their neck. As long as the victim kept their leg tense, they stayed alive. If they relaxed it, the rope would tighten around their neck, eventually killing them when they lost their strength. He stopped killing when he married a woman who was willing to let him torture and degrade her, and remained inactive for 20 years. When his wife died and he no longer had an outlet for his violent urges, however, he resumed his murder spree.

When Keith was 12, he found a Polaroid McNare had taken of one of his victims. He was irreparably traumatized, and became sexually fixated on the image of women tied up in a the manner portrayed in the picture. As an adult, he was arrested for the BBJ murders. Robert Goren and Alexandra Eames believe McNare is the real killer, however, and get Keith to testify against McNare by allowing him to listen to McNare disavowing his son. (CI: "Shibboleth")