"Born Bad"
L&O, Episode 4.09
Production number: 69021
First aired: 16 November 1993
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Chris Pollit
Written By
Michael S. Chernuchin & Sally Nemeth

Directed By
Fred Gerber

The death of a young boy leads the Detectives and Prosecutors to a debate about genetics being responsible for violent crimes.


After a 14-year-old boy named Johnny Lasky is found dead on a sidewalk, Briscoe & Logan learn that the boy was a foster child and it is later revealed that he was beaten to death by his foster brother Chris Pollit.

After Chris is charged with Johnny's death, his lawyer comes up with a defense that Chris has an extra Y-chromosome that causes him to have a predisposition to violence.


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Benjamin Stone: What's next, the astrological defense? "Jupiter aligned with Mars, so I had to rob a bank"?
Ben Stone: He murdered his friend, Helen. And you want us to send him to bed without dinner? The state tried that, it didn't work.
Chris Pollit: (to Briscoe) Yo, Brylcreem, why don't you and Captain America go blow it out your butt?

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"Born Bad"
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