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Brian Ackerman

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Brian Ackerman
Name Brian Ackerman
Affiliation Revolutionary Aryan Warriors; Gun Ho
Occupation Gun Retailer
Pathology White supremacist
Status Incarcerated
Actor J.C. MacKenzie
First Appearance Raw
Last Appearance Penetration

Brian Ackerman was a white supremacist whose group was investigated in the shooting of three schoolchildren, one of which died. He had a son named Kyle, who was killed by FBI Agent Dana Lewis during the boy's shooting rampage at his father's trial, which claimed the lives of a court officer, Judge T. Schuyler, and fellow supremacist Brannon Lee Redding. Ackerman later claimed that he was proud that his son died a "hero". (SVU: "Raw")

Five years later, Ackerman sent Seth Coleman to rape Lewis to get revenge for her killing his son. (SVU: "Penetration") He is currently serving a life sentence without parole in Attica for murder in the first degree and conspiracy to commit terrorism in the first degree, and as a result of Coleman's conviction, was denied any human contact for life.

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