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Brian Smith
Name Brian Smith
Pathology Serial rapist
Family Gabriel Thomas (twin brother)
Janey Thomas (sister-in-law)
Luke Thomas (nephew)
Status Imprisoned
Actor T.R. Knight
First Appearance "Double Strands"

Brian Smith is a serial rapist.

History Edit

Smith originally lived in Atlanta where he raped several women, saying the line "Tell me you love me mummy." Amanda Rollins was trying to capture him before she transferred to Special Victims Unit in New York. He moved to New York where he continued to rape women. He is turned on by blonde women.

Brian rapes a young blonde woman. Because of his ying yang tattoo and the fact he has a twin brother, he was able to get his twin brother arrested for the crime. After evidence and timelines don't match up with Gabriel Thomas, Amanda Rollins goes undercover as a jogger, with Nick Amaro and Odafin Tutuola nearby. Nick loses Amanda and Amanda is alone with Brian and is held at knifepoint and is almost raped until Nick, Odafin and the other detectives find Amanda and rescue her. Amanda eventually finds herself alone in the interrogation room with Brian and gets Brian to confess to all the rapes. Gabriel Thomas is then set free. (SVU: "Double Strands")

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