Brittany O'Malley
Brittany O'Malley
Name Brittany O'Malley
Occupation Student
Pathology Murderer
Status Imprisoned
Actor Kelli Garner
First Appearance "Mean"

Brittany O'Malley was a sixteen-year-old student and high school "queen bee" who later became a suspect for kidnapping and murder.


Brittany was a popular girl at her school, Tanner Day Academy. She was friends with Emily Sullivan, Andrea Kent, and Paige Summerbee. Brittany dated an actor named Lukas Ian Croft, who she instructed to start dating Emily in order to test their friendship bond. Although Brittany was the one that arranged the charade, she had a mental breakdown when she heard that Emily and Lukas were still going out. This eventually led to Brittany murdering Emily for her perceived betrayal. Brittany, with the help of Paige and Andrea, tied up Emily and threw her inside the trunk of a car.

They drove around for awhile, but things got out of hand when Brittany flew into a rage, punching Emily and burning her with cigarettes. She also made little cuts on Emily's body with manicure scissors and eventually stabbed her to death with a knife. Paige and Andrea were so wrapped around her finger, they lied for her to Detectives Benson and Stabler. The two of them eventually cracked under pressure and confessed to the crime. Brittany was charged as the ringleader and had to testify against Paige and Andrea to get a lesser sentence. She was convicted of murder in the second degree and kidnapping in the first degree. (SVU: "Mean")


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