L&O, Episode 14.24
Production number: E4319
First aired: 19 May 2004
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Written By
Richard Sweren & Marc Guggenheim

Directed By
Matthew Penn


Two women are accused of conspiring to murder each other's husbands, but Jack and Serena are forced to try the cases simultaneously and separately. Meanwhile, Detective Briscoe announces his retirement.


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"It's nice to go out on a win." - Det. Lennie Briscoe

Background information and notes

This episode marks Jerry Orbach's final appearance on the series as Det. Lennie Briscoe. He reprised his role in the spin-off series Law & Order: Trial by Jury for the series' first two episodes before he passed away on December 28, 2004. He has appeared in a total of 273 episodes as Lennie Briscoe on this show (plus one episode of Criminal Intent, three of SVU, three on Homicide: Life on the Street and the Law and Order TV movie, Exiled.) This is a total of 283 appearances in six different shows/ TV movies.

Episode scene cards

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RME Express
839 Broadway
Tuesday, April 18

Apartment of
Mr. & Mrs. John Byrne
623 West 21st Street
Tuesday, April 18

Kent Foundation
337 West 50th Street
Wednesday, April 19

Riverside Park
Thursday, April 20

Gardner's Café
162 Riverside Drive
Tuesday, April 25

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Apartment of
Belinda Gardner
127 West 67th Street
Tuesday, May 2

Apartment of
Janette Gardner
22 Thomas Street
Wednesday, May 3

Supreme Court
Trial Part 43
Tuesday, June 13

Supreme Court
Trial Part 43
Friday, June 16

Rikers Island
Correctional Facility
Tuesday, June 20

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